SDMB Cheese Club

Major cheese lover checking in.

Sounds like a trip to the Beverly Hills Cheese Shop is in order, because now I’m craving some good cheese like nothin’ else.

I actually found a really lovely triple creme brie at Whole Foods Market just recently. I get a good baguette with it, spread the cheese thickly on it, and add a few slices of apple. Now that’s what you call a sammich.

I do like Gorgonzola… but Stilton is my first true love.

By the way, has anyone tried goat’s milk butter? Had my first taste of it tonight. Yowza.

*Hey, Ta, ShibbOleth *

Cheese: A Review, In Poem
by Aperturius 1.20.2002

It’s very hard to ruin cheese.
True, if you were on it to sneeze,
It would not necessarily please
And eating it would not be of ease

But it would still be cheese.

If you charged enormous fees
Just to even look at cheese
We’d turn our noses and say, “Please!!”
And then it we’d try to seize

Because it would, yes, still be cheese

If Swiss cheese holes contained large bees
Or if feta had in it hungry fleas
We may not want those kinds of cheese.
But here’s a fact with which we tease:

They’d still be good ol’ fashioned cheese.

Cheeses do not grow on trees,
They come from cows, just squeeze on these!
And should you try some fresh goat cheese,
One taste and you’d say, "Holy Jeez!

Dumb animals make real good cheese!"

So do to cheeses what you please;
Throw it, squish it, melt or freeze.
But from Maine to London to Belize
It makes us all weak in the knees

Because it’s very hard to ruin cheese.

Cheese is cheese, we all need cheese,
Need it as much as spare car keys.
That’s why I give it five Monkeys

errrr ** Anahita** “Old Amsterdam” is * Dutch * cheese, like Gouda and Edam. And Fenris; Aged Gouda is the best.:slight_smile:


You didn’t think I liked cheese?

How about some Stilton? King of cheeses!

Dammit, Shadow Warrior, ya beat it to me!

Stilton, Stilton, Stilton, all the way!!! I finally broke down a couple of weeks ago and had my first wedge of Stilton (it’s terribly expensive here in Hungary. Something like $20/lb). It’s by far the best blue cheese I’ve ever tasted. Strong flavor, yet smooth. No bitter aftertaste.

(Oh, sorry JavaMaven, just noticed you mentioned Stilton, as well.)

Parmesean-Reggiano is also quite fine, but more of a grating cheese, certainly. One taste of the real stuff and you will never ever dream of using that flavored sawdust they sell in the green tins. Blech! There’s also another similar cheese which is cheaper called Grano Prado which is lovely, as well.

The Poles have an interesting, intensely smoked goat cheese called oszczypek. If you don’t live in a Polish neighborhood, it may be very difficult to find. They sell two kinds usually. One that is semi-soft, and one that is as hard as parmasean. Go for the latter. Very salty and flavorful. Imagine a hard smoked feta, if you can. Not really a wine cheese…more of something you’d serve with vodka or beer, but worth a taste if you like smoked cheeses.

Week 1: Gorgonzola
Well, my gorgonzola sucked. They only had one piece of Mauri gorgonzola left, and it was way past its best. I was hoping for that combination of creamy, dirty and tangy, but all I got was sharp. The cheese was yellowy and the mould a dull blue-grey instead of bright blue-green. A real disappointment on sliced baguette, maybe it would have been better with a pear or a fig. I’ll cook with the rest of it: gnocchi with equal amounts of cheese, butter and cream. Unless I can find some snails.

Hope you have better luck folks.

I had less than optimal results.

I mean, the cheese was fabulous. I looked at two types of gorgonzola at Whole Foods; read the little blurbs; picked a nice fat creamy wedge and took it home. I took a nibble and I was in heaven! I like this blue better even than roquefort. It was earthy, organic and sharp, but not too sharp. Then I looked at the label: I had accidentally picked up a piece of Stilton. This was my first Stilton! I second your observations, pulykamell.

I’m still going to buy and sample that piece of gorgonzola, though. My fridge is going to have two ripe wedges of blue in it at the same time – whew!

Week 1: Gorgonzola

My gorgonzola tasted like old butter. blech.

I’m pleased to say that the Marscarpone wasn’t half bad.

btw; Do you guys ever had cheese with cummin in it?

Ew! Not if I can help it!

(Psst! You meant cumin, right?;))

I haven’t got my gorgonzola yet, but I’ll pick some up tonight on the way home, with a nice crusty loaf o’ bread. Review on Monday.

pfui. :slight_smile:

What’s cummin then? [something dirty, I hope?]

I think I meant cumin, yes. Did you ever try it? Or cheese with cloves? * and I don’t mean ‘gloves’* :wink:

Heh heh. Well, I don’t think it’s actually a word, but “cum” is slang for orgasm or ejaculate. So to extrapolate, “cummin” might be “cumming” without the “g”, or an apostrophe (“cummin’”).

In other words…ah, well, you get the idea. Probably just my dirty mind, anyway. Pay no attention. :wink:

And no, to answer your question. I haven’t had cheese with cumin in it, but that sounds good.

heh heh heh.

That might taste good as well.

Thanks for the explanation Ferrous:slight_smile:

** adding another dirty word in my little brown book* *

One look at my user name and Italian foodies would probably figure out a cheese to which I am partial. I have a recipe for making my own mozzarella fresca but have not yet attempted it–if I did that then there would be no excuse to go to various cheese shops. (Besides, to be autentico I’d have to search for buffalo milk.)

Years ago I was a nanny in Spain for the summer and I found a favorite cheese called Tetilla. It is a mild cheese, good for using in cooking. It is shaped like, well, a breast (hence the name.) Just began finding Tetilla again at Whole Foods.

For pure eating pleasure, two of my absolute favorites are Brie and Port Salut–with Champagne.

Faves in cooking and sandwiches: fontina and pecorino. Yum.

Another vote for Stilton, with a nice glass of red to go. But absolutely the best cheese-related foodstuff is a nice dod of melted matured Cheddar on toast with a sprinkling of Worcestershire sauce on the top. Dreamy.

The local supermarket is selling some cheapo brand of Danish Blue which is so alive that I’m quite worried about leaving it alone in the house…

gouda with cumin seeds is called leyden, i believe.

big fan of triple creme cheeses, myself, st. andre, fromage de affanois (sp?), explorateur, you name it.

best of all, though, is good cheddar. anyone know why it sometimes tickles the sides of one’s mouth and tongue? good question for unca cece, mebbe.

Week 2: Gruyere

Despite the calls for Stilton, I’ve gone with gruyere this week. Just so those who don’t like blue cheese get a go (ok I been busy, haven’t checked the thread and the gruyere looked nice). The Heidi Gruyere is sitting on the bench warming up. Haven’t tasted it yet since I’m currently full of pheasant.

I bought some Red Dragon at Fresh Fields last night. Wonderful stuff—contains mustard and ale. I’m thinking of cooking it with polenta this weekend.

I was also eyeing the Caerphilly, which I’ve never had but keep meaning to try.

Fresh Fields is always dangerous for cheese-lovers, as they often have samples for you to try. I had some goat-milk Gouda from there that was excellent.

Gruyere it is.

And now you’ve reminded me that I never posted how I liked my gorgonzola…

I just want to thank hawthorne and the SDMB Cheese Club for inducing me to try this wonderful cheese. I’d never had it before, but I will certainly more in the future. That is some yummy cheese! Better than blue—as someone said, similiar flavor, but less bitterness. Unfortunately, my store didn’t have any imported gorgonzola, but did have a quite good one made by an Italian-style cheese maker in Wisconsin. I ate it with a nice whole-grain baquette and some delicious IPA. Mmmm!


Keep buying this stuff. It comes from us. My wife runs the largest gourmet cheese importing and distribution company in the U.S. and she is recognized as one of the most knowledgable cheese experts in the country (along with her father). All that gourmet cheese at Whole Foods - hers. Trader Joes - she brought it in and sent it to them. Bread & Circus - you guessed it. She just bought a refrigerated warehouse three times its current size so it can only get bigger.

You guys are making us rich so keep it going. One side effect is that our refrigerator usually looks like the cheese case at Whole Foods but much better stocked. I like all of the cheeses that have been mentioned so far. I may go downstairs and have a cheese tasting in a little bit because of this thread.

If you really want a good cracker to go with the soft cheese, try Crostini Crackers by J.C. gourmet. They sell them at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s etc. My wife’s family liked them so much that they just bought the company in Italy.

Three cheers for Mrs. Shagnasty! I had some of the best cheese I’ve ever eaten at their Halloween party. It was a lovely soft cheese - maybe goats milk? - imported from Italy, along with some yummy wine jelly…(going into cheese heaven now…)

[Homer Simpson]Mmmmmmm…cheese…[/Homer Simpson]

I also enjoyed the Gorgonzola we bought at Robert’s Market in Woodside. It was a lighter, more mellow blue than, say, a roquefort, although I believe I prefer a roquefort’s sharpness.

Though I’ve tasted it before, I’m looking forward to sampling a gruyere. Maybe I’ll grate it and make a croque monsieur out of it, just for fun.