SDMB child forums you'd like to see

While doing a search recently, I noticed an option to search all child forums, and it got me to thinking. Even though the SDMB doesn’t use child/sub-forums, I think they’d really come in handy.
So, what sub-forums do you think we should add? I propose the following, just to get the ball rolling.
By Og, I burning your dog, just once, in 1960, with a 1920’s style “death ray” – Any questions about SDMB in–jokes and catch phrases
The watermelon patch - Any questions ever asked by Gallagher go here
Beating about the Bush - Political debates (but the name will have to change in 08)
Like, Ohm’gawd - Witnessing and religious debates
If he’s prepared - Any “Batman vs.” threads go here
No, but if you hum a few bars - What’s this song threads only
The poll vault – Um, polls only
So, being the inventive souls you all are, I’m sure you can come up with better then my humble suggestions.

Peace - DESK

MPSIMS - The Singles Bar. Come here to flirt, swap unlucky-in-love stories, ask intimate question, but be aware that as in life, 85% of the clientele will be married.

Hijo di puta! :smack:

CS - Star Wars, LOTR and other geeky fan threads.

BBQ Pit - Outrage at the latest child abuse/death.

MPSIMS - Me, too threads

Several more, all for The Pit
And the Banned Played on - All banning related threads.
The Sock Drawer - Any threads started by sock puppets get moved here.
The Troll Booth - Same as above, but for obvious troll OPs
The Naked Lunch room - For OPs that just make you go WTF?!?

Peace - DESK