SDMB Down?

Did the board just go down from 9:53-10:09 EDT? Or is this torturous heat playing games with my Internet?

Hamsters changing shifts, most likely. There was some kind of hiccup for me, too.

You mean PM right? Damn slow, but I don’t believe down.

Please folks! We gave up hamsters last year. We now use Capybaras instead. They take fewer breaks for smoking and such, but every once in a while, I imagine them on the back porch on a hot summer’s night, drinking and laughing and rolling dice or something…

Thats my vote.

I think the Capybaras went on strike today (about 11:30 to 12:50 EDT), and the hampsters had to be brought back in.

Perhaps the “hampsters” went to the Hamptons?

Was, not now, thanks be to Jerry.

All Hail to Jerry! {Musicat grovels subserviently}

Interesting…this time, Cecil’s section was down, too. Usually it’s only the boards. And every time either is down, I try pinging, and that always works. What can we conclude from this observation?

The hamsters are trying to defect?