SDMB Fantasy Football big league (league full)

As discussed in our general fantasy football thread, I’m thinking of creating a big FF league (20 people is yahoo’s max) that would feature relatively deep rosters. With that many people, the talent would be spread pretty thin and finding sleepers would be of huge value.

I usually have a requirement on the leagues I run of total participation - leagues can be ruined by people half-assing it or stopping playing entirely midway through the season - but this league wouldn’t be so serious. I’d like participation from everyone of course. At the least, don’t abandon your team entirely - you can half-ass it, but if you leave a roster half full of players on bye weeks and injury you can affect the playoffs for people who are still in the running. Strongly prefer people at least show up for the draft. If you’re new to FF, that’s fine.

I’d like to fill the league with 20 people… but if we only end up getting fewer participants then we’ll run with that many. The number of roster positions won’t be set until we know the league size - if we only have 14 people then we can have more starting spots compared to 20 - but in general I want this league to be deep. I want people to have to choose whether to start one team’s third down back or another teams #4 receiver.

I’m starting the recruitment early since we’re aiming for a big league. I’m sticking with the default yahoo rules for now, but we can discuss modifications in this thread. I’d like to give the yahoo division scheduling a try.

If this thing fizzles out and we only end up getting 6 or 8 people, I may just delete the league - or withdraw and let someone else run it if everyone wants to continue.

You can sign up at - find the football/join league section. The league number is 345906 and the password is cecil.

If your FF name is different from your SDMB name, please post on this thread what your team name will be so we know who everyone is.

I am “Exploding Pancakes”

I set the draft for Thursday, August 27th at 9pm eastern. If that presents problems for people we can change it.

The league url is

I am the “Stinkers”.

Not too hard to figure from my name, but just in case.


I’m in with my team, The Gusterrhoids.

I also noticed you’ve got the max number of teams set in the league to 10.

Woops, fixed.

I’m in with Team Ed Gruberman.

I’m trying to figure out their new divisions feature. I know you can set it up so that division leaders get playoff births, but otherwise I’m not sure how it works. Does the schedule make you play divison opponents more than the rest of the league? If you have a 6 man or 8 man playoffs, do the division leaders get the top 4 spots and the rest are like wildcards?

Since it’s new and (so far) their help system isn’t very enlightening, I’m not sure. I’d like to give it a try just to do something different.

I signed in with Quentin’s JAMmers.

I’d like to participate, but 9 PM eastern during the week is too early for me. I work until 9:30 Eastern and I"m usually home by 10 Eastern.

It sounds like you can set the schedules so teams play more intra-division games than those outside their division, but it sounds like the default is standard everybody plays everybody as evenly as possible.

It also sounds like the division winners get the top seeds and play against the specified number of wild card teams.

You could always have Yahoo autodraft for you.

I’m in, as the Antonican Druids. We’re in Division 4, with Team Ed Gruberman so far. Training camp will be held in the rugged hills of South Karana, and our home stadium is located in the City of Qeynos. May end up using autodraft as well, because I dunno if my dial up connection can handle a live draft. We’ll see.

OK, I"m in. I might be able to leave work early that day for the live draft. Otherwise, I’ll set enough players for autodraft. I’m Phoenix Redbirds.

Cobra Kai, in to sweep the leg.

Oooh, Cobra Kai vs. Tai Kwan Leep should be a good matchup. But Ed Gruberman should prevail, because I got the pajamas! Hiiiiiyaaa!

I joined up, should be fun. I hope to make the live draft.

I’m in. This should be good, it’ll give me an excuse to do a lot of research.

I’m trying to join, but am getting:

I’m already in another Yahoo! league, do you think that’s the problem?I remember being in multiple Yahoo! leagues before.

The link in the OP is for those who’ve already registered. Try this:

Thanks, VarlosZ. That’ll teach me to read the whole post and not just jump to the link. I’m in.

Curry Porkrinds are in; pigskin with a bite.

I am in as Frosted_Lightning. This should be an interesting league. I have never played in a field this deep.