SDMB Fantasy Football DYNASTY League: Year 13

If we were going to make special IR rules like that, I don’t think we’d need to specify preseason injuries only - I would think that any season-ending IR would qualify. I don’t know if there’s a need to differentiate between pre-week 1 and post-week 1, especially since we can’t use the IR slots when inputting the draft (you have to keep them, and then put them on IR and free the slot after the draft based on how yahoo works).

Who would’ve guessed that I should’ve never dropped a retired Rob Gronkowski?

44.70 fantasy points from Derrick Henry, that’s some old school fantasy RB numbers.

So I was rooting for dale for a few years, he spent a few years being really bad but really put in the effort to rebuild his team (and also to accept all the good players Jules kept forcing on him) so I was rooting for him to do well.

But now that the era of Dale has arrived I do not like it. It’s too much. What can we do about his continued existence?

Wait another year or two for Derrick Henry to wear out?

Well, I’ve got Darrynton Evans

Four touchdowns from Aaron Jones?

Jeez, I’m going to have the #1 QB, the #1 RB, and eight barely-startable scrubs, aren’t I?

I figured the Hippo’s had me last night at half-time with how Hockenson and Rodgers were playing, and quit watching the game. Woke up this morning to see I pulled it out.

The Lions must have gone away from Hockenson in the 2nd half because he was tearing up the Packers D in the 1st.

I vote no on the extra IR slot. Our benches are large enough.

I guess I forgot to weigh in on the IR thing. As much as it would benefit me every season, I vote no on extra IR spots. Nobody has dropped more startable players than I have, but even still, those choices are what make the game more fun. Annoyance and frustration are fun, right?

I go back and forth literally every time I think about it. Every argument Omni and Hamlet put forth I find equally compelling.

I officially abstain from voting on the extra IR slot due to complete inability to make up my mind.

I’m playing Dale this week in what is possibly the most important matchup of this young season. Him and I are going to be in a tough race for the division which will probably be the closest divisional race in the league. Our projections are .1 points apart, effectively making it exactly 50/50.

Alright, I went ahead and tallied up the votes from previously up the thread as to whether to expand to 3 general purpose IR slots.




No vote:
Ol Gaffer

I skimmed over the thread but the discussion was had for a long time so I may have missed someone’s vote (and please tell me if I did), but even so, it appears to be only 3 votes for, and we needed 7, so the IR rules will stay the same this year. You can use 2 IR slots for anyone listed by yahoo as being on IR, but the remaining 4 slots are only to be used for players specifically with the COVID-19 tag.

Now - we could have another vote if we should keep COVID-19 slots, if you guys want. Last year we had no idea what to expect and we didn’t want to have to have people gut their rosters due to a COVID outbreak, and that didn’t really happen and probably won’t this year, so we could probably get rid of the COVID IR slots. On the other hand I don’t really think they’re hurting anything by being there, as they can only be used in a very specific case, so I’m fine with revisiting it in the offseason.

If anyone sees anyone else using their third+ IR slots for non-COVID players, please point it out so that we can publically whip and shame them, as there’s no internal mechanism on yahoo to protect those slots as COVID-only, yahoo will let you drop in any IR players.

For Covid IR, I say keep them this season but not going forward. An unvaccinated player will just be an additional risk to have on your roster, similar to a guy who’s known for being a knucklehead and could end up suspended at any time.

This is precisely why we should do away with them. It’s impossible to police and only creates opportunities for hurt feelings. You’re basically putting the burden on the would-be victim to after-the-fact seek justice.

Here’s a super subtle example which is impossible to verify. Owner A has a full roster and 3 guys on COVID IR. He’s picked up a few lottery tickets and in bye weeks chose to start one of them. However, in the previous week 2 of those 3 players came off COVID-IR. Because the owner didn’t need to make any roster changes, Yahoo never forced them to re-designate them as active. This state could go on for a couple weeks in some cases. Finally, that one player that he started has a big game and is the difference in Owner B’s (and maybe Owner C’s) loss.

How can Owner B know when the 2 players who came of IR actually came off IR? Is there a grace period for moving a player out of that slot, or can Owner B play a game of gotcha? How can he know if the player who Owner A started was the player that Owner A would have dropped had they activated the IR player? Owner A can claim that since one of the IR players is still out, that the one guy he started is the one he would have kept, but this is unproveable. What if Owners D, E and F would have tried to claim a dropped lottery ticket player off waivers before the week they blew up, what’s their recourse?

Even if a player isn’t consciously trying to abuse those extra IR spots, simply waiting until Saturday night before this weeks game to drop them would give him an advantage since no other team could claim them and start them in Sunday. Pretty much any rule that requires self-policing is fraught and untangling is impossible to do fairly. Nevermind the fact that if forces the opponent who’s policing it to essentially call the other player a cheater…which ain’t great for morale or enjoyment on anyone’s part.

You make a good point. I don’t think anyone here would deliberately skirt the rules, but you highlight cases where something can go wrong even with no bad actors.

The NFL has also been fairly stable, with no massive regular outbreaks of COVID which we thought might happen last year.

So, new vote: should we keep or get rid of COVID-specific IR slots? If we get rid of them, we’d go back to just having 2 IR slots period.

Keep, but definitely not a strongly held opinion

Omni makes another compelling case. Unless someone else (Hamlet?) comes by and completely changes my mind, Omni has me convinced. I vote no on covid slots, but with very little conviction. I could be swayed the other way by someone with strong beliefs. (As I just was by Omni.)

Honestly, weird fantasy football rules is another side effect of covid that I’ll be happy to see gone. If we can make that happen now, all the better.

I vote for getting rid of the covid specific IR slots.

I am prepared to submit an organized, well-reasoned, thoroughly researched with historic precedents, footnoted, and compelling thesis as to how I reached this conclusion, if necessary.

I didn’t like anything about starting Brandin Cooks, Thursday night game with a brand news third string QB starting. But, if I lose this week, it won’t be because Cooks laid an egg.