SDMB Fantasy Football DYNASTY League: Year 13

Any chance we can agree to adding another IR spot?

Asking for a friend who already has their spots filled.

So, are we able to use both IR spots for non Covid IR?

If I recall the 1st two spots are normal IR spots and the other 3 or 4 are just for COVID.

Ellis suggested we go to 3 IR Spots about two weeks ago, but it doesn’t look like we ever put it to a vote.

But if it were put to a vote, I’d be in favor of three slots.

We did put out feelers and never had an official vote. I’m going to say that since this is not a drastic change, a simple majority will be fine. So the proposal is that we can use 3 IR slots for general purpose usage (the current rule is 2), with the 3 remaining IR slots being for COVID-related issues only. We can eventually phase out the COVID IR slots, but I don’t think that’s necessary to solve right now.

So if you’re in favor of expanding general purpose IR slots from 2 to 3, vote yes, otherwise no. Majority decides it. Just a reminder - this may seem easy, but Hamlet made a good case against it a couple weeks back, look for his post if you want to hear a counter-argument.

I don’t think I was the one who gave a counter-argument to increasing IR slots. I was arguing for even more IR slots.

Anyway: I vote yes for more IR slots.

::wearing an obviously fake moustache::

I, Jules Andre vote yes for more IR slots.

::with coke bottle glasses and a limp::

I, Retro Vertigo, vote yes for more IR slots.

::wearing a suit, derby, and monocle::

I, RNATB, bloody well vote yes for more IR slots.

::wearing heavy fur coats and a huge fur hat::

I, dale42 vote yes-ski for more IR slot-skis. In Russia, IR slots vote for you.

::dressed as George Wendt from the Superfans::

I, Omniscient vote for yeah hey dere for da’ more IR slots dere eh.

That was Omni. Discussion started in post 202 and continued on and off through post 222.

I vote yea on extra IR spots

Also I’ve got my extremely prescient pickup of Juwan Johnson available for trade. He’s got WR/TE eligiblity, and he’s on pace for 34 TDs. Jameis is gonna keep feeding him jumpballs in single LB coverage all year.

I don’t feel strongly about the IR spots since you’ve got to cut your roster down anyway next year and how many lottery tickets can you stash?

With two IR slots, I’ll probably consider just dropping Mostert. I really don’t know if I want to take yet another chance on him next season, he just can’t stay healthy.

Do we have a mechanism for guaranteeing (or protecting) draft picks for value? For example is there some way I can demand a top-three pick in trade?

I don’t see how you would be able to do that. If someone guaranteed you a top 3 pick, but they didn’t finish top 3, how would that resolve?

What you could do was make conditions of the trade. I did this at least once with Ellis Dee years ago. You could say something like “you trade me your first round pick, and if that pick isn’t a top 3 pick, then you also have to give me your second round pick”

That would be fine as long as it’s logically sound and everyone understands what they’re agreeing to.

I vote no on additional IR spots. We already have 25-man rosters; if you have an injured player you want to keep, it’s no different than using a slot for a player who isn’t ready to start yet. The two IR spots are plenty (and I said that despite generally finishing second to Hamlet in IR-bound players).

I don’t have a strong view either way on adding COVID IR spots.

I’m a no on more IR spots. Having a little forced activity on the waiver wire is a net-positive in my view. Success in this league should not be 100% draft centric which more IR spots would ensure.

Also a no on having COVID-only spots. It’s near impossible to effectively police and like Godell I’m ready to let the unvaccinated clowns hang. Let militant about this than the regular IR spots though.

I’m actually going to vote no on extra IR slots. I like the idea of giving someone some relief if they’re screwed by the randomness of season-ending injuries, but now that the NFL allows much shorter term IR it becomes sort of a specialized bench slot and I’m not sure it’s needed/healthy for that. I won’t really mind if it passes because I don’t feel strongly about it, but I’m going to come down as a no.

I guess it would be okay with me if only real-deal season-ending IR were something you could use these slots for, but that would be difficult to enforce.

Any interest in a third IR slot that can only be used for players lost for the entire season before opening day kickoff? ie: Cam Akers, Travis Etienne, etc…

Imagining it right now, that might be a hassle logistically so maybe not.

Do not tell SenorBeef, but the NFLPA has cleared JOSH GORDON to play. it’s up to Goodell now.