SDMB Favicon Contest?

Is anybody interested in a contest to select a favicon for the SDMB links in your browser favorites? If we generated some good ones, maybe TPTB would adopt it as the official favicon for the forums.

There are several favicon editors linked from the wikipedia cite above if you want to try your hand. One ground rule however, let’s avoid the animated ones. No point in starting trouble.

I’ll start it off with my representation of Unca Cecil, from “Stupidity, I Smack Thy Face”, the illustration Slug did for the T-shirt.

Personally, I would love to see the SDMB use a favicon. As a mod, I don’t make any guarantee that they would, but I can certainly bring it up for discussion.

I like this. Don’t see why not.

I love it. I think we may have a weiner from the get-go!!

I did my own “favicon” for bookmarking the sdmb a long time ago that was simply a miniature version of the stylized S and D from the site banner, but yours is much better.

In one of the previous smiley selections, someone submitted the head of the turkey with the mortarboard that was one of Slug’s versions of Cecil. I hope that’ll be considered.

How exactly do you set a custom favicon for bookmarks?

If it helps, I’m using Firefox.

TO my knollege Straight dope website does not yet have a Favicon.
If enough people complain about it…maybe somebody will do something.
Squeeky wheel gets the oil.

A Straight Dope favicon is a great idea, but I can hardly make out what that icon is depicting. I even did a search for “Stupidity, I Smack Thy Face” to see the original artwork (btw, I’m NOT a fan of Slug), but couldn’t find said article. Could you post a link, Fear Itself?

Here ya go.

Thanks so much, Chronos.

Still don’t like it, but I’m sure I’m in the minority. Whatever the masses decide, I will support.

No you’re not.

IIRC, the last time we talked T-shirts, we were trying to explain to TPTB that they could sell a slew if there were an SDMB design that didn’t use Slug’s art.

Good. Now I don’t feel like the Lone Ranger.

Regarding tees, I’d definitely buy one that featured a sleek Dope logo. Anything but Slug. [/HIJACK]

Yeah, we’ve been talking about it too but holding off pending an upgrade. It’s silly to set stuff up only to have it go poof.

Let Jerry do his thing (whenever that is) and then we’ll do ours.

In the meantime, let’s see some samples. I don’t think we can borrow from Slug without permission and/or attribution, I will check on that but don’t expect an answer right away. Otherwise . . . show us what you got.

I suggest either:

A Slug drawing of Cecil, if permission can be recieved from him. Not the paper-bag one, though, the bird thing he usually depicts Cecil as, or:

A yellow “SD” on blue, mimicking the column/site’s logo. Simple and to the point.

(As an aside, I misread the thread title as “SDMB Famicom Contest,” and was wondering why the site was giving away an old Japanese video game system.)

So if it’s not going to be a Slug drawing, I can safely assume that we won’t be using this one.

The problem is executing said turkey on a 16 x 16 pixel canvas. That scrawny neck topped with an avian pinhead (sorry Cecil!) just doesn’t lend itself to micro-rendering; it ends up looking like an emaciated caterpillar

Meh. I would like something a bit more creative than just letters.