SDMB Fiction Club - Catch-22

Per this thread, here’s the SDMB Book Club’s first fiction offering, Catch-22. (Thanks, Wicked Blue!)

In this round so far are myself, Pucette, stuffinb, and Green Bean. More people are free to join, too; just sign up here!

What say we start the beginning of next week, and read three or four chapters (or whatever pace we find ourselves settling into, with the discussion) every week after that?


Damn damn damn. Here’s that link. :stuck_out_tongue:

weeping uncontrollably

ROFL! :slight_smile:

I’m hopping to the bookstore this weekend, if things don’t get completely snowed in…

So let’s say four chapters?

But ever so appropriate!
I’ll stop by my local used bookstore on the way home and pick it up
(I don’t know what happened to my copy)
I am one of those people who must read a book in a single sitting so I’ll have it read before I go to sleep.

Yeah, me too, but this brings to mind a question: do we want to be discussing this book section by section, or all at once at the end? I’m more in favor of section by section dissection :slight_smile: myself, but I’ll go along with the consensus.

Section by section is good, as long as there are NO spoilers! :slight_smile:

The ship sinks, his wife did it, and it’s a sled. :smiley:

<humming loudly with fingers in ears>


Ok, I’m in for this round. I read it years ago, vut can’t remember much. I have a copy on the shelf and I’ll pick up a copy for psycat on the way home from work.

Count me in too.

Great, so the participants so far are as follows:

Green Bean
(damn troll grin)

When I get home tonight and check out my copy, I’ll give a rough estimate of how far we should read next week.

OK, btw, it takes me roughly two days to read a book (300 or so pages) a single sitting if it’s a great book.

AGH! How can you do this to me!

I just read Catch-22 a couple of months ago, and I’m in the middle of like 4 other books, but how can I NOT participate?

I’ll try to keep up.

Someone tell Yossarian to get his ass in here too.

I was wondering when you were gonna show up, Doc. :slight_smile: Just get away from me with that gentian.
Oh, and by the way, Pucette–the notion of spoilers takes on a whole new dimension in Catch-22. grin You’ll see what I mean.

I’d imagine it’s going to be quite a challenge to those who have read the book so many times they can almost recite it verbatim to limit their comments to the content of a particular set of chapters.

(For those of you who haven’t read the book before, you’re about to discover the secret of my Doper name … )

It’s probably my all-time favorite book. If I have time to “club” with ya’s I’ll chime on in.

Cool, Milo; glad to have ya.

I was thinkin’ (uh oh…) Maybe, if this whole book club thing works out, the Mods and Admins would consider giving us a whole new forum. Something for book clubs, movie clubs, fight clubs (kidding), whatever… or is that too close to MPSIMS?

Just a thought.

Gadarene, I posted this in the other book club thread before I went looking for this one – oops!

Anyway, I’ve had Catch-22 sitting on my shelf for a long time (you could probably grow plants in the dust) so I’d love to join the discussion.

I want to play!