SDMB Mods and Terrorist Recognition.

Just a short quick question for Mods and the teeming millions. If the Boards are have such a wealth of information, how do the mods know when to close a thread that may be posted by a potential terrorist getting informaiton on something seemingly innocuous.

Do new posters get screened somehow?

Is there a process or red flagging protocol for someone asking for ‘weird’ info?

Just wondering…

Excuse me, I should have previewed…

If the Boards HAVE such a wealth of information…that should read…omit the ‘are’… oops

If a post is ‘seemingly innocuous’ how would a Mod know to close it? Mods aren’t the CIA, FBI or anything else that would have experience recognizing terrorists.

If someone comes on here and says, “How do you make plastic explosive from household items? I won’t make any…just curious,” then you can bet it will get closed.

Besides, if Carnivore works as advertised (or some fear) the FBI is probably already reading this board and many others. I’ll probably raise a flag in their system for using the words ‘plastic explaosive’.

In short I wouldn’t worry too much about the SDMB being used as a vehicle for terrorist communication.

Only common sense. We do not do any screening of members beyond requiring an email address, pretty much. We do not have the budget or the resources for much more than that, although some of us would love requiring prior years’ tax forms, copy of valid photo-ID, and ATM password.

Basically, questions that involve illegal activity are not permitted. That includes (but by no means is limited to) questions like:

  • “How do I make a bomb?”
  • “Does anyone know any passwords used by the Pentagon?”
  • “How would you sneak into the Oval Office?”

… would be deleted or closed.

If a terrorist can make use of questions like “How do we know the shape of the galaxy?” or “Was Nostradamus really able to predict the future?” … well, more power to them. It’d be a much better world if terrorists would worry about such things.

Other information here (such as the use of offshore bank accounts) is readily available elsewhere, and I assure you that terrorists know more about that particular topic than does SD Staff Sam.

In Lieu of the recent tensions and what-not, I thought I’d ask…

Thanks your Royal Admin-ness :slight_smile: Makes me feel a little better.

I also doubt an Al-Qaida operative would think to type in STRAIT DOPE when doing a google search…

still mildly chilling…

Ah, but would they think to type in STRAIGHT DOPE??? That’s the question…

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

Oh… that’s easy.

Step One*: Get your brother elected Governor of Florida…




Step One: Slip on tight, slinky dress.
Step Two: Learn creative uses for cigars.


So how can we get some of these terrorists on the Straight Dope Staff? Frankly, I think Sam could use the assistance.
C’mon, Terrorists, step up to the plate and help fight the ignorance of the Teeming Millions! It’s easier than fighting whatever the hell else you think you’re fighting and you don’t even have to commit suicide to do it.