SDMB Poetry Sweatshop - March 2010 edition, Logistics Thread.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Logistics Thread for the SDMB Poetry Sweatshop, March 2010.

Here’s how it works - starting at 8 AM PDT on Friday, March 26th, anyone interested will have exactly one hour to write a poem. The poem can be any length, form, it can rhyme or not rhyme, but the poem must incorporate three randomly chosen words. The Sweatshop will close at 6 PM PDT on Sunday, March 28th.

When the Sweatshop closes, I will establish an Anthology Thread with a poll to determine the favourite poem, and at the end of the week, the author of the favourite poem will be acclaimed “Poet Laureate of the SDMB”. Our past Poets Laureate are tracy jo, Maserschmidt, The Hamster King and Pandoranoid. (Much applause!)

As with the last two Poetry Sweatshops, interested participants can send an e-mail to sdmbpoetrysweatshop at gmail dot com . The words will be in an out of office auto-reply message; submit your poem in a reply to that same e-mail address so that the time stamps can be used to verify that the poem was indeed written within an hour. Sorry, lurkers, entry is restricted to actual Dopers - Guests, Members, Charter Members, Administrators, Moderators, anyone who has the right to be posting here. (However, if you wanted to sign up between now and the end of the Sweatshop, that’s fine. It would be a fun way to introduce yourself…)

Also, as with the last poetry sweatshop, the poet’s names will be in spoiler boxes in the Anthology until the voting is over. The poll will list the poems by title, or by Untitled (first line) if the poet hasn’t chosen a title.

I think that’s everything I meant to say - as with past sweatshops, this thread is also an ideal place to raise any suggestions or discuss the nuts and bolts logistics of the whole thing.

Hoping you can find some time this coming weekend to participate,

Le Ministre de l’au-delà

I’m excited! Looking forward to it!

I’ve got some other stuff going on this weekend, but I’ll make sure to stop by and vote for the poems next week! Good luck everyone!

Remember, poets, we do run poetry in teemings, so that’s another possible outlet for your work.

yay - i’m in!

Count me in. Thanks again, Ministre, for organizing these. Hope we can boost the number of those voting this time 'round.

I unfortunately missed the last one due to my father passing. Was just too stressed to write. I am totally in for this one though!

I missed the last two and was totally bummed, but this time, I swear, this time I am definitley throwing my horse onto the field of honor. Possibly with some sort of siege weapon. I’m just not strong enough to toss around large ungulates willy-nilly all by mysef.

My condolences - I’m very sorry to hear that.

I just wanted to give the thread a wee bump - we’ll be starting in just over 33 hours.

Thanks - I do appreciate the sentiment!

Likewise. Should’ve said so earlier.

I just sent a link to my writing group - encouraging them to consider joining the SDMB and participating.

Le Ministre – did you PM or email previous participants to make sure they know?

Yes, within an hour of establishing the thread - previous participants as well as those who have expressed an interest through earlier threads but not submitted a poem. I’ve also had a link on my FaceBook encouraging folks to at least check out the thread, if not join the Dope and write a poem.

Til tomorrow, everyone!

As of this post, the Poetry Sweatshop is underway. Please send an e-mail to sdmbpoetrysweatshop at gmail dot com (Please mention your SDMB username, if you would be so kind.) and the auto-reply will send you the complete version of the following message -

And now, I have a poem to write. Best of luck to all of you,

Le Ministre de l’au-delà

I love this monthly challenge. Expect an email this weekend, Minister!

There - done! Now I get to relax and read everyone’s poetry.

Just entered it but the Muse isn’t coming. Darn. Probably not gonna do it.

Just submitted mine too.