SDMB registration to online newspapers

Seems to me once upon a time someone posted generic accounts to online papers such as the NYT where one had to register to access. Something like:

Login: SDMB
Passwd: cecil

Are those accounts still in existence, and if so can someone post the login/passwd? I hate going through registration junk to follow peoples links.

If I’m misremembering and such a thing doesn’t exist, can I create a registration and post the login info for people to use, or would that be unethical (and more importantly, make the mods mad)? since the NYT et. al. assumably want each visitor to their site to create an individual login

site removed

According to the NYT member agreement: “(ii) use a Member ID in which another person has rights without such person’s authorization”

Which I assume means that it’s allright to use a group account with permission of the creator.

First person to point out that it would’ve taken less time to just register myself then to flip through the Member Agreement gets a punch to the face.

Or that. Thanks QED

The entries for and are funny, if unlikely to ever work.

Please do not use the SDMB to attempt to subvert policies at other sites.

If you want to use their content you should respect their rules.