SDMB Retrospective US Presidential Elections 1820,_1820

Would have voted for Monroe considering he was practically unopposed.

All things considered, I think 1820 would be a good year for the electoral prospects of the Lizard People.

And was.

Rather as would be the case in an uncontested election today, I can’t be bothered even to drag my arse to the polls. (In fact, I generally don’t bother to mark a vote in uncontested races.) Mind you, back then I might’ve had a party machine getting me good and drunk, in which case I would’ve voted as early and often as they liked, but I figure even they toned it down a bit when no one was running against them.

Who’s the most Abolitionist candidate this year? Anybody?

Monroe was a slave owner.

In 1820, I suppose most high-level American pols are or have been – it’s only a couple of decades since slavery was abolished north of the Mason-Dixon Line.