SDMB Retrospective US Presidential Elections 1932,_1932

I would have happily cast a vote for FDR, one of the greatest Presidents in American history. Although this is rather ironic…

Vote Socialist!

Hoover sucks! Is that anachronistic?

Norman be stormin’! That is anachronistic, of course, I know.

It is really hard to evaluate these without taking my knowledge of history into account. Put me down for FDR.

Of course I would have voted for FDR, after 4 years of the Hoover dirtbag. Happy days are here again! FDR belongs on Mt. Rushmore, not Teddy.

I hope you change it more often than that! [rimshot]

Very few candidates could pull me away from voting my Socialist conscience. FDR is one of those. Eleanor has a lot to do with that—as Hillary said, “two for the price of one.” FDR is the only one likely to be capable of rescuing America at this point. Sorry, Norm.