SDMB Retrospective US Presidential Elections 1972,_1972

Without hindsight I’d probably have voted for Nixon due to McGovern’s highly objectionable views on foreign policy and social issues but with full knowledge of Nixon’s shenenigans (to put it mildly) and also the obvious fact McGovern could not have won, I suppose I would vote for him (although if there’s a write-in option I might just write-in Humphrey or Jackson).

Nixon ran on ending the war in '68 and we’re still in it; fuck him, McGovern it is.

McGovern without hesitation. I agreed with many of his stances on the issues and, from most accounts, he seemed like a pretty good guy (at least better than Nixon). That being said, as a candidate, McGovern was really inept even if a lot of his problems were due to bad luck and Nixon’s dirty tricks.

His nomination was due to Nixon’s (team’s) dirty tricks, which were designed to sabotage the primary campaigns of all the other Dem contenders because McGovern was judged the easiest to beat, and were entirely successful. That was the whole point of CREEP’s activities throughout Nixon’s first term, of which the Watergate break-in was only the tail end. You can read the story in Nixonland by Rick Perlstein. See also Ratfucking (that was CREEP’s own name for their tactics).

BTW, here’s a recently broken story about another break-in (of the safe at the Brookings Institute) that Nixon ordered personally. (It was never carried out.)

Its before my time, but from what I hear, McGovern was sort of a schlub.

Are you asking who I would have voted for back then, or who I would vote for given the choice today? The answer would probably be different.

I voted for McGovern then, and I would vote for McGovern now.

It was my first Presidential election. The federal voting laws had just changed so that you could vote at 18, so my younger sister was able to vote for the first time. I was jealous that I couldn’t vote till I was 22 but she got to vote at 18.

I was stationed at Travis Air Force Base at the time and drove a car with three bumper stickers:
VOTE (with a peace symbol for the O)

I got a lot of stares.

BTW, John G Schmitz’s daughter is Mary Kay Letourneau, the teacher who kept having sex with her teenaged student and having children by him. They’re now married.

Say, was this the first presidential election with a Libertarian candidate?

I don’t know if I’d go that far. He was a nice guy and a good senator but, as a presidential candidate, he was rather dull and had the miraculous ability to make Nixon look charismatic.

And BrainGlutton, I did read Nixonland. Interesting book and an excellent refresher on a lot of things in the early 70s I was either too young to know about or had forgotten.

Interesting connection. Also BTW, Schmitz was the nominee of the American Independent party, which four years earlier had run George Wallace.

Yes, although they were only on the ballot in three states. It is also the only election in which the Libertarians won an electoral vote–from a faithless elector. Theodora “Tonie” Nathan, the vice-presidential nominee, was the first woman ever to receive an electoral vote for either office.

I had heard that he was actually kind of a crappy Senator; that he had this tendency to offend other Senators and wasn’t really “chummy”, so that, for instance, he had to take his name off the McGovern-Hatfield Amendment, because there were Senators who supported withdrawing troops from Vietnam, but he had pissed them off so badly they wouldn’t vote for a bill that he sponsored.

Same here. It’s great when hindight turns out to be the same as at-the-time-sight.

This was the last one before I became of voting age. I rooted for McGovern then, I would have voted for him in a heartbeat. Great man, but not the most politically astute individual ever to run.

Muskie’s nomination was far from a slam dunk, even if Nixon had been as pure as the driven snow. Many front-runners have imploded over the years, and Muskie was far from a universal favorite–see Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail for savage criticism of Muskie from the left.

McGovern won the nomination mostly because he was the most firmly and consistently antiwar candidate, which was the priority of the Democratic primary electorate.

Me too.

Ah, yes! FALOTCT’72! :smiley:

Can you explain the underlined portion?

That does not appear to be criticism of McGovern.

Nor of Muskie. What is your point?