SDMB ruined me for other sites, conversations, and polite company, frankly.

Okay, Pinterest fans, I’m starting with you. Nothing you put in your bathwater or on your skin will “detox” you. No, you are not literally going to cover your Ipad with diamonds, sew that wedding gown as soon as you get home, or bake everything from Paula’s website this very weekend. I know this as surely as I know that you aren’t *literally *familiar with a dictionary. Nothing (literally!) you can make using clothespins is attractive or necessary. Nothing is better than actual Reese’s Cups, so stop playing around. And a home ultrasound machine? You can’t wait until your baby is asleep in her crib before you start hassling her?

And holy shit those “giraffe cupcakes” resemble neither giraffes nor cupcakes. Your kids will be so embarrassed for you. Cut it out.

Come on, people, get practical. Stop taking liberties with language, medicine, pantries, and common sense before I make a Piterest and come after you.

This thread is like literally great.

Cool it, smarty. Don’t act like you haven’t seen the Segway PUMA on Pinterest. And if you haven’t, try not to give yourself a concussion from all the headslapping comments and suggestions.

Never seen one, but my wife ordered a home doppler unit on ebay from China and apparently the FDA is up in arms about them or something from the kinda wink wink nudge nudge way the seller got on. It was probably the best $20 bucks you can spend for a first time pregnant woman, freaked out because you accidentally ate celery and worried about the baby? Take a listen to his heart beat and calm down.

It even came in handy when the idiot doctors are the public hospital told my wife sorry they couldn’t find a heart beat your baby is dead, she said put the doppler wand HERE, wow amazing a heart beat:rolleyes: If she didn’t have the unit and knew where to listen that doctor would have scared her so bad,