SDMB Valentine's Day Exchange 2016

Hey all! I enjoyed this Valentine’s exchange in previous years, so I decided to organize one this year too.

Here are the rules we’ve used in the past years, which we’re re-using this year:

If you are currently registered on the SDMB AND if you are at least thirteen years of age at this moment, you may participate.
To participate, you must send the following information to me via PM:

SDMB user name
Real life name (optional for those who don’t care if mail is addressed to their board name)
Mailing address
Number of valentines you can mail (most people last year sent 10)
U.S. and Canadian members: indicate whether you’re willing to mail outside the U.S. and Canada.

Send your PM by 11:59pm U.S. Eastern time on Saturday, January 30th. I should have your addresses back to you by Monday, February 1st, for you to mail out in the following week.

Gender specifications/requests and other limiting requests (other than number to be sent) are not permitted and will not be honored. So, there!
As far as the mailed cards go, it’s up to you what to send. Store bought cards are okay; homemade cards are fine, too. If you want to go wild and crazy with the glitter, go for it. Candy is often appreciated. This is all about having a good time. It’s fun receiving the flood of mail, and it’s really fun to see what other dopers came up with. Don’t feel pressure to be creative, though; the most important thing is to send something.

If you live outside the US, please don’t hesitate to sign up. This is open to everyone, geographically speaking.

What a great idea! I think I’ll tape a paper sack to the edge of my desk and put the Valentines in there like we used to do in grade school in the 1950s.

Do you PM the addresses to us or send them by snail mail? (You don’t ask for an email address…).

I’m thinking I might need this to get through my first Valentines in forever alone. So, I’m all in. PM headed your way. Thanks, ** [/Emily**.

I’ll PM the addresses to you on February 1. Thanks :slight_smile:

I missed the Secret Santa exchange this year, so I’ll sign up for this one! Sending a PM now.

Thanks for taking the initiative and organizing this, EmilyG!

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

So we have 3 people so far (4 including me.) There’s still time to sign up for those who still want to.

Signing up now! I’m excited to do this. :smiley:

Thanks, Grrlbrarian. :slight_smile:

Just PMed you my info, EmilyG. This will be fun.

P.S. Yes, I am willing to send outside U.S. and Canada

Thanks **peedin **:slight_smile:

I’m in!

Will we get looked down upon if we call it ValentiMe’s Day??? That’s like supposebly…

I signed up too - have to get started on making those cards!

Are we up to 12 yet? I bought 12 cards today.

I really loved this last year; I’m in!

scrolls to count
Not yet. Gettin’ there, though.

And yes, this reply is my shameless bump for this thread, to try and help give it some more traction. :wink:

It needs bumping (and grinding, too).

I saw Snoopy valentimes at WalMart yesterday and wanted them, but they didn’t come with envelopes! They did come with pencils (and a slot to stick the pencils through) but how would I mail them to be sure the pencils didn’t get smooshed???

Thanks to all who signed up. :slight_smile:

peedin - if you wrap each pencil/card combo in something like a bag or piece of plastic or cloth, maybe it’ll be okay.

Is it too late?