Sea-Bands for motion sickness--physiology or psychology

Sea-Bands are elastic wristbands with a small plastic hemisphere attached to the inside of each one. They are placed on the wrists to prevent motion sickness. Do they actually have a physical benefit or is it only a psychological deception?

Don’t know, but they work for me. I am very prone to motion sickness, and was on a ferry coming back from Victoria, B.C. sitting in the front. Others were turning green and I was absolutely fine, thanks to my trusty Sea Bands.

I also wear them on airplanes, with the same good effect.

They’re supposed to effect (affect? . . . I’ve forgotten what that thread taught me already) an acupressure point.


Leslie Irish Evans

West Marine used to say something like “We can’t tell you that these bands do what they do, but a lot of people tell us that they do.” Now, they just say “Our customers report that these elastic, accupressure wrist bands help ease motion discomfort.” It sounds like there is anecdotal evidence that they work, but either an FDA study has not been completed or one was done with unfavorable results. Take your pick.