"Sea Monster" washes up in China - What is this thing?

The carcass of a 55-ft sea creature haswashed ashore in China. Supposedly has a long thin head and a snout nearly 1-meter long, hair, and orange & black stripes. It measures out to be about 4.5 tons and the skull alone weighs over 100kg. Also looks like it has 4 paws a tail, and long fur. It’s not a fish, but head resembles a crocodile.

In the update on that article, it says that scientists have seen this type of animal before but they don’t know what they are.

Any guesses?

If it is in China, I’m going to say it is lunch.

(looks like a decomposed whale to me)

I’m thinking: Rotting whale or whale shark and it is not as long as they say.


I vote dead whale also. They just need a little dynamiteto get rid of it. :smiley:

The carcass in the pictures doesn’t include the head or tail.

It sure as heck looks like a whale with some pieces missing. The forelimb/flipper looks like that of a humpback. Considering that the story seems get the length wrong, I wouldn’t put much faith in the rest of the details.

I’d say whale. The “orange stripes” appear to just be places where the skin has split. Most people have no idea what whale skulls look like; “crocodilian” would not be an unreasonable description of many of them.

Daily Mail

Yeah, I saw the throat grooves and immediately said (out loud, to my office full of biologists), “That’s a baleen whale.” They agreed.

Maybe Robert Maxwell has finally washed up.

These globsters turn up from time to time, and usually turn out to be decomposed whales or sharks.

Trust me - I’m a whale biologist!

Actually, no cetacean biologists (and I’m a plant guy myself), but everyone else in the room were marine biologists.

…As if sensing my presence, I said “Easy, big fella!”.

wrong thread

Sea Moose

I tell ya, he was ten stories high if he was a foot.

Judging by the spectators in the photo “sea monster 05”, that ain’t China.

The pictures at the bottom of that page don’t seem to be of the same carcass as the one at the top.

And they call 'em like they sees 'em.

“They’ve seen it before, but they don’t know what it is”!?! And, that was a scientist talking? :rolleyes: