Sea Sorbust, The Fighting Ignorant

Dear Sea Sorbust:

You are an imbecile.

Normally, this does not bother me. The world is full of imbeciles, after all.

Unfortunately, you have made the decision, of your own unfortunately free will, to exploit your imbecility by laying waste to General Questions, the forum description for which reads, in part:

[sup]Source: The front page of the SDMB, emphasis added.[/sup]

You have dumped your imbecility upon our most hallowed of Forums in the manner of a monkey throwing feces at his cruel but well-meaning scientist caretakers. As if to say, “I care not, dear fellow lifeforms, about the Greater Good and the sacrifices we must all make to Fight Ignorance. I choose instead to follow the other path, that of the Fighting Ignorant.”

To explain how I came to this conclusion, please allow me to quote you.

[sup]Source:What does the SAS do?[/sup]

When confronted with something known as a “fact” regarding this baseless and vapid claim, namely that no American four star generals died during WWII, you proceeded to backpedal at a furious rate. You looked like a film of Chris Carmichael accidentally threaded upside-down and backwards by an absent minded projectionist.

Study of the backpeddling tactics is left as an exercise for the reader.

Here is another example of the mindless and only somewhat readable conspira-rant that Mr. Sorbust has blessed us with in General Questions, quoted in its entirety:

[sup]Source:Who Creates new Cabinet Positions?[/sup]

Again, when presented with numerous corrections, debunkings, and proofs to the opposite, (the first of which – I must struggle to maintain my humility – was posted by me) you didn’t even bother to backpeddle. Instead, knowing inside that your foray into Constitutional Law had led to thorough and spectacular failure, you decided to completely ignore the excellently cited (if I do say so myself, blush) evidence provided by me and the estemmed Mr. pldennison, and stooped to uttering unprintable profanities in the middle of the house of our most sacred of intellectual pursuits: Fighting Ignorance.

In conclusion:

[sup]Source: Reason[/sup]


My head hurts.

And this isn’t even mentioning his numerous postings of lies, innaccuracies, and general bullshit in Great Debates.

Yeah, he’s a little fuck. Won’t be a loss if he gets banned.


I will make this analogy, because my head also hurts. I have bad eyes, when the technology becomes available, I’ll swap them out at the first opportunity. Among other downsides, the once-faddish “Magic Eye” pictures are never anything to me other than a random bunch of visual noise.

I experience something quite similar on trying to study the tactics referenced. I think what they boil down to is, “Your honor, I plead not guilty by reason of inanity.”

That, or perhaps the whole thing was an amazingly subtle bit of slander on the eliteness of the SAS in general. Because if their task was assassinating American generals, clearly they weren’t any good at it at all.

If ignorance is bliss, why does it cause so many headaches?

I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment of the OP, but I can’t agree with the title. Would that Sorbust were the only Fighting Ignorant. He is merely one of the many Fighting Ignorant that have been rearing their beshitted heads around here. I would go so far as to call him the King of the Fighting Ignorant, if conferring the title “King” to this cranio-rectal inversion victim didn’t make me nauseous.

The worst part of it is that the Fighting Ignorant only habitate forums where they cannot be viciously attacked. A visit to the Pit would cure them right quick. I have visions of Sorbust retreating from the Pit, crawling on his belly and slowly bleeding to death. No wonder the Fighting Ignorant steer clear of this place.

DNFFI - Do Not Feed the Fighting Ignorant.

Dammit! “Habitate”? Make that “inhabit”. Yeesh.


Whooo-HOOOoooo! That’s one I’m gonna remember!

I have visons of solmn ceremonies wherein the principle crawls up to a dias, swears eternal ignorance, and then the Master of Ceremonies dips a ladle of sewage from a grimy barrel and annoints the head of the Ignorant Warrior with shit.

Hey, but you gotta give him credit for knowing at least one thing:

Call me a slow learner, but I’ve just responded to his non-response to my questions rebutting him about the Romans in this Great Debates.


OK. You’re a slow learner.

But a stronger man than I. Great post.

Well, c’mon now, he can’t be all bad. He believes that there are “KineticEnergy armaments” hidden on the Moon, and thinks that we need to put an automated telescope system on the moons of Mars to protect against a random star flitting through our solar system.

“Oh look – a sailboat!”


Figures. He just conveniently ignores the impending threat from the Vogons.

What a twit.

I have this mental picture of Sorburst sitting with his mouth open, staring vacantly into space.
After a while he thinks of an idea, and types it in for us to ‘admire’.
Somewhere during his unconvoluted thought processes, the words ‘logic’ and ‘reason’ pop into his ‘mind’.
“Aha” he ‘thinks’. “Using these words will show them that I’m right. Oh, and I’ve been on a course. Better mention that too”.

“M-O-O-N… that spells ‘putz!’”

Imbicility. I cracked up when I read that. That’s quite a funny word.
Now if you will excuse me I have to ambulate on out of here.

I imagine “beshitted head” is what you get when you take it out of your ass.

Or when you insert it. I don’t think Mssr. Sorbust actually ever removes his head from said oriface…