Sealings. Talk to me of sealings...

So my black hose solar heating proof-of-concept model works, putting out 115 degree water. I’ll scale it up later.

But for now, let’s talk sealing. No, not the thing you look at and think of England. I’ve got a pool leak that won’t stop for nuthin.

This is a vinyl liner pool with a light niche. The niche - brass I think - has developed some holes in the side that I just can’t patch. I’ve put expanding foam behind it and then covered it with marine putty, epoxy, and all manner of sticky things but to no avail. I’ve put peel & stick plastic sheeting over it, then sprayed the edges with rubber, but no dice.

My latest and nearest to success is spray on rubber, similar to the thescreen door-in-a-boat stuffyou see after lawyer commercials during the day. You would think that spraying on a layer of anything would seal the tiny holes that still exist, but no.

I can’t tell you how much water has gone out of this damn thing in the last couple of years, but had it gone to Ethiopia instead of my water table, they’d have plenty of crops to eat.

My wife just asked “what would the Navy do?”, and so I entreat all current and former Naval personnel, as well as pool owners and sympmathizers: what the hell can I put on this metal surface to seal it up for good?

I just can’t bear another $600 water bill. I’ll have to start using my neighbor’s hose at night.

Sounds like you’ve got a solution already!:eek:

I’m afraid I’m not sure what you’re describing. You have something made of brass that has holes in it? Can this item be isolated from the vinyl liner long enough for a torch and lead free solder to be used?

You might have some other holes you’re not seeing. But it’s very difficult to seal up a hole in metal when it’s got water pressure on it all the time.

How big are these holes? Are they round, cracks, at the sides where the niche joins the liner?

For a big enough hole there’s some kind of compression fitting. It has two washers and gaskets and a screw through the middle to compress them against the material front and back. If you don’t get the mating surfaces clean and flat, they might leak anyway.

So you blew a seal?

After the first $600 water bill, I’m wondering why you’re continuing to attempt more DIY solutions. Call a professional. Surely it will be cheaper for your local pool company to send out a tech to inspect and repair this than to risk another failed solution and $600 water bill.

Oh sonofabitch. Now I am going to have that song in my head the rest of the day. *Curse *you!

Sealings! Whoa whoa whoa, sealings!


Think of a metal bucket stuck horizontially through a wall. The holes are corroded irregularly like the rust holes on the fender of a Chicago Buick. Just on the left side, but total area of 3-4 square inches, no hole larger than a quarter by itself.

The pros just slapped some goop on there that didn’t last more the a few months.

Maybe I’ll try some Bondo next.

I remember when it didn’t leak. Memories. Misty, water-staying memories. Of a pool that was…