SeaQuest – where were the aliens from?

In some incarnation of SeaQuest, there are aliens. The earth name for their star is given. What is it?

Who cares. Sea Quest sucked (IMHO).

I loved the first season. Course, I was 12, so…

Second season was worse, and I only ever saw one episode of the third, but that was enough not to watch any more :).

Well, under the premise that no question should go unanswered, I did some searching, and found a transcript of the first episode in which aliens appeared, and found the part where the crew deciphers a message left by the aliens, giving coordinates to their home world…

<<This is galaxy M100. It’s a bright light behind the Cook nebula, here. Now they came from the end of this arm, here, circling a red giant star forty million light years from us.>>

Now, keep in mind, this is the FIRST episode in which aliens appeared…The transition episode from “SeaQuest DSV” to “SeaQuest 2032” involved the entire ship being abducted by aliens to help them in their planet’s civil war (Don’t look at me like that. I didn’t write it). I think these were different aliens, but not being a SeaQuest buff, I can’t say for sure. Anyway, the second alien race came from a planet called “Hyperion” (I don’t know if that was what the native name for the planet was supposed to be, or if it was supposed to be some form of translation. It’s a name from Greek mythology, BTW.). I also seem to recall that Hyperion orbited the star Tau Ceti (Yes, that’s a real star system, BTW), but I can’t be sure of that…it’s been 7 years since I saw that episode.

Well, I hope I could help,


Aw, c’mon, the show was worth it just for Roy Scheider’s “As soon as they shut off the cameras, I’m firing my agent for this” expression.

I liked the talking dolphin.

Hey, the jury’s still out.

They’ve been seaQuestered.

I hated the show, but love that joke.