Search keywords

I’m not exactly sure if this needs attention or not, but I did a search for God of War II because I wanted to start a thread on the video game. The response:


I know that this is the SDMB and we talk about God and war a lot, but is there either a way to lessen the number of words the search engine considers “common”, or is there a different way I can word my search?

Words of 3 letters or less are not included in the search. Since all of your words fall under that category, your search won’t work.

Good point. Maybe decrease truncation to two-letter words?

You need to find a way to word your search so that it uses more than 3 letters. There’s just no way around that in our current circumstances.

If we put the search terms in quotes – “God of War II” – would that still be considered three letter words?

Here is the thread. I found it by searching for Kratos, the main character.