searching a movieclip on YouTube. How to skip the fan-made music vids?

Whenever I search for a movie clip on Youtube, the first seven pages of hits are usually grainy fan-made mashups where the scene is cut to fit an Evanescence song.

Is there any easy way to filtr these out, and to just get to an unedited clip of the scene itself ?

Not that I can think of. Best thing I can think of is to find some channel like Movieclips and stick with it.

It’s the same with movie trailers. Early on there were a number of user-generated Star Wars trailers. What’s worse are the putzes who put “OFFICIAL” in the title. I assume this is to trick people into viewing it and maybe goosing ad revenue.

If you click Filters -> Sort by -> View count, you’ll sometimes find better results as the official videos tend to get more views. Not always, but often. And you can also look for the gray “verified” checkbox next to the submitter name to see if it’s from an official source (based on the video being connected to an official Google+ page)