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I have looked for this certain book at many places on the internet but have yet to find it. It’s a book that discusses the possibility that Japan and Germany did defeat the Allies in WWII and split the United States into 2 seperate territories. I don’t know much more information on it though and I’m not sure of the name.

Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle?, maybe?

Err, one question mark too many. There is no question in the title of the book.

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That specific plot does not ring a bell with me, but you might try the various lists of Alternative Histories on the following sites:

Wikipedia Alternate History

Google Cached Chicago Public Library Alternative History Axis Victory

The following is the best website about alternate history stories:

If you’re looking for an alternate history which diverges from real history in some particular way, click on the word “Divergence” in the list on the left. This will give you all the alternate history stories listed by the date at which they diverge from real history. Look at the ones which diverge at some date during or just before World War II. There will be some spread in the years in which the world diverged. In Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle, for instance, the divergence happened in 1932, since in the story Franklin Roosevelt was assassinated then.

The real problem in answering your question is that it’s too vague. There have been lots of short stories and novels in which it’s supposed that the Axis wins World War II. Without some further information about the story that you’re thinking of, there’s no way for us to answer your question.

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