Searching for a new doctor, new GP

I’m looking for a new GP (general doc). The one I currently see (for > 10 years) has been switching PA’s on me, and I don’t really like this new guy. Also, it’s quite a drive from home these days.

I don’t know if explicit recommendations of Dr’s are appropriate, but how does one search for and choose a GP?

Thanks in advance!

When I moved here, I asked my doctor from where I used to live how to go about finding a good doctor.

He said ask pharmacists. They deal with all of them and they’ll know.

I have also been told to ask nurses, if you know any. They will usually know too.

I would add, get copies of your records and hand carry them. If the new doctor you try isn’t to you liking a second, or third try is much easier if you have your records.

BTW, read the records carefully and make notes of omissions. Significant parts of my records were missing when I moved from one state to another.

Ask friends and coworkers. Where in Central NC do you live? I know a very good doc in Cary, he’s been my doc for 15 years.