Searching for a proper verb

Does the brain ‘achieve’/‘accomplish’ the faculty of vision?
None of these verbs seem suitable.

Which verb would best express how the brain realizes?? the faculty of vision in conjunction with the word ‘faculty’ if that is at all possible?
I look forward to your feedback.

returns a few dozens of “faculty of vision” hits nearly all related to crossword solving
BNC ( British National Corpus) returns zero hits ( out of 14 billions words)

so looks like it’s not the best collocation…

realise, effect, reify ???

You sort of have a self referential problem, the brain is what does the visualisation and performs the cognition of what is seen. There is a lot going on.

I don’t mind “achieve”.

“Faculty” in this context means an inherent mental power. I would suggest the brain doesn’t achieve/accomplish such a thing; instead, it facilitates, includes, or possesses it.

Your brain processes the information sent to it by yer eyeballs.

My eyeballs, on the other hand, send really pathetic info to my brain (very thick glasses).

Or… The eyes send specific information to the brain, which interprets these signals as vision

Thanks Machine Elf. Thank you all. Very helpful.