Searching for a song, can't find it by googling the lyrics that I know

I don’t know the artist who sings this song, but it is very well produced and I am very surprised that I can’t google the lyrics and come up with the song…

The song is about a guy who picks up a girl, I think he has a truck, and I think the girl is a prostitute. She gives him a handjob, and he’s enjoying it. He looks down and see’s that she only has three fingers. The chorus goes on about how she has three fingers and she doesn’t need the other two.

Anyone know this song???

Baby, It’s Cold Outside?


Three-o, by Duran Duran.

Do you think if I re-title the post, “Song about handjob” that I will find some help with this?

Holy crap - I just spit my beer across the room!
Well Done

So… not a Top 40 hit then?

I also guffawed at Baby, It’s Cold Outside but let’s not overlook this gem

That’s every John Mellencamp song.