Sears no longer selling printers, is this nationwide?

A friend recently gave me a Sears gift card. I went to my local Sears and tried to buy ink for my printer. They only had a few color cartridges on clearance, and I needed black. I asked a salesman, and he told me that they don’t sell printers anymore. Is this a national thing or was it just here?

They don’t sell anything anymore at my local Sears. It’s just another abandoned space in a shell of a mall. lists all sorts of printers and ink cartridges - Canon, HP, Brother…

It’s probably just your store. The one here quit carrying dinnerware five or six years ago, but you can still buy plates and bowls online.

I think our local Sears is officially still open, but this description works nonetheless

I’m wondering about the friend who gave a Sears gift card.

I think the one by us still sells a few televisions but got rid of any computer related stuff or gaming related stuff.

This is timely because I stopped by Sears today while I was at the mall to see if they had a battery for my key fob. Their electronics section was about as big as my living room but possibly with fewer actual electronics. I was kind of shocked at first but not that surprised after I thought about it.

Edited to add: they didn’t even have ANY batteries in their electronics section.

It’s the incredible shrinking department store. Sears is eliminating hard goods department by department – automotive, appliances, electronics, etc. Around here, all the stores have eliminated all furniture except for mattresses, and it’s only a matter or time.

Eventually, the few Sears stores that will be left will sell only clothes. There will be Sears hardware stores, Sears appliance stores, and everything else will be online.

Silly, you go to Radio Shack for batteries.

I believe they still have the program where you can order anything online, have it shipped for free to your local store, and pick it up there.

Sears and K-Mart have the same owners. Which pretty much tells you all you need to know, really.

They just started a new round of store closings, but they’re trying to do it quietly. You’ll read about your local store closing it in your local news, but there haven’t been any official company announcements, so the national news sources haven’t noticed yet.

Wait, What? Sears stores still exist? Truthfully, I don’t even know how far I would have to travel to find one.

Maybe they were selling $100 Sears Gift Cards for $19.99.

Automotive? Really? That’s the one thing I’ve used Sears for in the past decade or two: getting new batteries or tires at their Auto Center.

It’s not news, it’s documentary.

Meh, computers and printers are fads. TV is forever.

The only difference between anopen Sears and a closed one is whether the escalators still work.

I went to college in a small town. Its Sears store was a catalog store - the only things in it were a few larger more expensive items that one might want to see up close before ordering, like a stove, washer, dryer, etc.

It had booths where you could flip through their various catalogs. If you saw something you wanted you placed an order for it and the clerk would call you when it came in.

I think Sears is going to end up back there again, just with the Internet and home delivery filling in some of the pieces.