Seasons and holidays by color

I am in the Process of making a collections of cell phone charms for a raffle. I want to make at least ten of them based on seasons and holidays. I want to make the season or holiday apparent be the colors and I’m running out of ideas. I am in the process of making a red, pink, and white charm for valentines day. I already made a yellow/orange one that looks white summery. I was thinking white and light blue for winter, brown, yellow, orange, red for autumn, black and orange for halloween, red and green for Christmas and red white and blue for independence day.

What I’m looking for are other color combinations that represent other holidays or seasons to you.

PleAse excuse any typos. I’m typing this with one eye closed, no glasses, and with two thumbs.

Pastels for easter, green for St.Patricks day and/or spring, red/white for Canada day, red/white/green for Cinco de Mayo, orange/yellow/brown for Thanksgiving and I’m all out of ideas after that.

Shavuot (spring) is always pale green, dark green and white to me, which I think are early-springy colours anyway (young white flowers, trees) - maybe something like that?

A “tropical” summer one in bright colours: red, blue, yellow, green.

I have long associated these colors with each season:

Winter: Indigo, Blue, Black
Spring: Gray, Green, Yellow
Summer: Pink, Red, White
Autumn: Orange, Purple, Brown

Hanukkah is blue and white.

I would make it yellow, beige, and blue. Beach colors.

I think of yellow and purple for Easter. Green for St. Patrick’s, your red white and blue will go for Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day too, and glittery silver for New Year’s Eve.

These ideas are really good so far, especially the glittery silver. I was trying to think of something for New Year’s and that fits. Also tdn’s beach colors immediately made me think of a beach umbrella so I think that’ll work too. I can make as many as I want as long as I can get them done before classes start again on the 11th so maybe I’ll get more than 10 with all these suggestions. Of course I’m running out of thread and bigger beads. Looks like a trip to the store is in order.

<likes crafty people! gold, green & purple for Mardi Gras