Seatbelts on Buses

Okay, I was in a bus accident in October of 2000. Our bus driver had a case of leadfoot and went around an almost right angle curve at full speed. Anyway we went up on two wheels ,at which point i wasn’t really concerned assuming we we land in the ditch proped up at an angle by some trees. Instead we keep going on two wheels and finally landed on our right side (side i was sitting on, oh buy the fat jokes made about me after this) and slid a little bit til we came to a complete stop. Needless to say students went flying, and people landed on other people. In the end nobody was hurt, in fact i consider it one of the more interesting experiences of my life. But then i thought what would happen if we had had seatbelts. Students hanging at all kinds of odd angles, almost diffenently causing injury. Though now that I think about it, it may also mean that human bodies make good coshion since the bus was pretty much packed. But then again this doesn’t account for why i didn’t get a scratch when i was sitting next tot he wall (though maybe it has something to do with my built in coshion), and quite a few people landed on me. Go figure.

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