For anyone who does not know Yoko Kanno and the seatbelts area the people who do the cowboy bebop music. Now I really like them and want to buy their CD. However on amazon there charging 21 for ask dna, which has 5 songs, and Cowboy bebop future blues is 45 . Now here’s the thing. Some of the reviews on amazon say this includes the ask dna cd, which would make it a better deal, and some say it dosent so basically to sum it up (Im about to go to sleeep so sorry if this is confused) 1. Anyone know if theres a place I can get it for cheaper, it seems Amazon has to import it which probobly raises the price. and 2. does cowboy bebop future blues include ask dna?
Oh and Linky

you could always try directly from hmv japan, I don’t know if it’d be cheaper but you might find a track listing there. I have both discs and they DO vary somewhat. There’s maybe one or two songs from Ask DNA on Future Blues, but the best material from Ask DNA is only on that EP. If you can afford it, I’d get both (that’s actually what I did, but I bought them off the shelf in the HMV in Harajuku and got to give them a quick listen on the listening post).

Also worth listening to is Yokko Kanno’s actual release disc (ie, the one that’s not a soundtrack). This has some beautiful stuff on it, but less jazzy than her Bebop stuff, and more in keeping with her Macross Plus material.

Oh, and the Seatbelts also have a DVD out in japan (so region2 only) which has a weird short film to accompany the music. Apparently the cover art on the Ask DNA and the Future Blues CDs is from this short film. (The cowboy guy with boxing gloves, shot in Thailand). The intriguing thing is, the film apparently has NOTHING to do with Cowboy Bebop, despite the fact thet music on the two CDs and the DVD is from Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (The Bebop movie!).

Oh, and apparently the guy who directed Bebop, name escapes me at the moment) has said there MIGHT be a revisiting of the Bebop, possibly with new characters given the evens at the end of the series. but the movie takes place between episodes, so it’s possible there’s more to tell in the gaps.

OH… AND… (this is a long post, isn’t it?) while we’re on the matter, it was very obvious to all of us her in Singapore that Faye hails from this tiny island (Merlions and all in the flashbacks) but how many outside Singapore got that. Was it obvious or just a vague reference to somewhere exotic? (it also explains a lot of Fayes proclivities).


Here is a song list for all their cd’s. The site also has better prices for the two cds your looking for.

In answer to your second question, no, Future Blues does not come bundled with Ask DNA. At least the two cds are only half as expensive at this site. You can get both!

I also wanted to say how much I LOVE the music in Cowboy Bebop. I normally tune out background music but the stuff in CB went perfectly with the particular scene it was in. That moment when Spike is thrown out the window by Vicious and Green Bird starts playingwas what convinced me to buy the DVD’s. I would also recommend getting Blue if you like the movie stuff. It has two of my favorite songs, Blue (title track) and We Qui Non Coin (I’m a sucker for all things Ed). If you have the money then might as well get the entire cd box set. $130 is too steep for me though.

Here is a fun little quiz about which CB theme song you are. I like the way your results are phrased, very poetic.

Dangergene, I had no idea Faye was from Singapore until I stumbled onto it on a CB site. I didn’t even realize she was asian because of her enormous… uhm… ‘eyes’… yes, that’s it.

Actually, Faye may not be ‘asian’ per se.

Singapore is one of those intriguing places that had a large multinational population up until WW2. There was still a good mix of Asian/Middle Eastern/ European until the island gained independance in the 60’s. A lot of the europeans have left (but by no means all, and there were never an overwhelming number here to begin with).

So, there are ‘causcasian’ Singaporeans, but they’re in the extreme minority. Hell, I’m technically caucasian (if you ignore the african, native american, etc etc etc) and my son is half chinese.

Faye is so stylised (the cast is so stylised) that she could be mixed, she could be of european extraction -we don’t know what Singapore’s ethnic mix was before um… that thing that made folks spread out into the solar system (can’t work out how to do spoilers, so I’ll leave at that), or she could be pure chinese/malay, etc. I know plenty of chinese lady-folks with features to compare to Faye.
But nontheless, it is an intriguing little aspect of a wonderfully complex series!

And now that I’m on a minor role, what’s felt about the Moroccan enclave on Mars. Would the architecture reflect Morocco so much, or would it be more generic Martian with Moroccan influences? It doesn’t bug me so much as it makes me ponder the nature of a culture transplanted into another environment. We now what happens when this happens in today’s cities (‘little [insert enclave name here]’) but on a newly terraformed world? How would that culture develop?

So the places shown in Faye’s video and memory are real places in Singapore? Is that lion statue real and down there? I had always just assumed the creators made up the locations.

Actually the locations are slightly jiggled, and I’m sure other Singapore dopers would disagree with me, but the giant lion statue (the lion is known as a ‘Merlion’ because it is half lion, half fish) is on an island called Sentosa, just off the southern end of Singapore, very visible, very obvious (with big lasers in the eyes, but no 1920’s style death-rays , such a waste of potential!) (yes, it really does have big lasers in the eyes, they’re 20Watt Yag lasers- a friend of mine installed them). There’s a smaller, older Merlion in the middle of the CDB, at the mouth of the Singapore river. so, the statues exist, but not really in the locations shown in the episode.

I’ve not seen the episode in a long time, but I do recall thinking that the Merlion (the big one) was kind’ve shifted, it was generally correct, but almost appeared to have been drawn from memory, rather than referance.

But, that aside, given that it’s the future, and the giant Merlion statue is less than eight years old (the older, smaller one was built in the late 60’s), it’s entirely plausable that the government will erect more of the statues.

It’s definitely Singapore, because nowhere else uses the Merlion as a national symbol, and many of my local friends commented on Faye being Singaporean. It’s subtle and not obvious to very many people at all! (Interesting side note: the Singapore tourism board restricts the use of the symbol within Singapore. I’d be intrigued to know how they felt about the use of it in Bebop!).

Seems to me the region would be predominantly Moroccan with some influence from Martian architecture rather then the other way around. Strictly speaking, there wouldn’t be much of a ‘martian style’ to influence cultures until AFTER the colonies are established. By then I presume each group will have copied the cultures they grew up in. Only after the basics are in place will the people begin to see new styles and amalgamations emerging.

I think I should figure out what would constitute a Martian culture first.
Two possiblities I’ve thought of:

The environment of Mars itself could be a influence. I could picture the red of Mars’ surface to be a major factor but I can’t think of much else. The vast emptiness of the landscrape should also be taken into account. Maybe some dopers who live in a desert-type setting could tell us more about what it’s like.

Perhaps the martian style will be a hodgepodge of all the cultures on the planet independent of the mixing of cultures on Earth. The places deplicted in Cowboy Bebop seemed like giant city-states to me. All the various groups are crammed in right next to each other. From the same inital cultures would emerge two very different planetary cultures. Still, this wouldn’t come about until after there are cultures to grow from.

Most likely it will be both. I don’t know. I just like to talk about Cowboy Bebop.

hell, I like to talk about Bebop too, the only guy I have to talk about in the real world is a Japanese guy who loves it too, but doesn’t speak great english (and my japanese is limited to the english subtitles! grin). Oh, and Tallayan, I’m sorry i (we)'ve subverted your thread into a discussion about the show.

Martian/Moroccan architecture: I’m not so sure about how it would develop. I’m inclined to think that there would be a basic development by the early explorer/settlers, similar to basic space station/ ex-terran planet settling habitats.

As the terraforming took hold (and we’re given to understand that the martian city in the movie is inside some sort of bubbled dome) there would be a development of the hodge-podge cities. (Granted, these would include the Moroccan enclave as a normal part of the hodge-podging).

But the thing that I find slightly odd about the Moroccan enclave is that the architecture is OLD Moroccan architecture (this is only my opinion, I’ve not been to Morocco, so if anyone can correct me please do. Are there any Moroccan dopers reading this thread?).

It’s as if part of 18th century (correct me again, please) Morocco was transplanted to another world, instead of modern Moroccan settlers developed a reimagining of their architecture on another world using 25th(?) century materials and techniques. By extension, would a mexican enclave build adobe-huts and stone pyramids, or would they build more modern buidlings? One being cultural, because it is a historic holdover, the other being evolution in building design.

Cletus, I’m inclined to agree on the hodge-podge, and I find the more I type the more I want to mirror your statement: “Most likely it will be both. I don’t know. I just like to talk about Cowboy Bebop”.

Well dangergene, it seems like we’re the only people who know the Seatbelts are the band from Bebop (and Tallayan too, of course). I’ll be happy to talk more about the music in case any other people show up but for now it’s just us. Besides, IRL I know only one person that likes anime too (sucks huh?). Tallayan, let me know if those links helped. If you have anymore questions about the music I’ll answer what I can.

The director of Bebop visited many Moroccan sites during development of the movie. He then tried to recreate the settings in the movie. This might explain why the Mars of Bebop would have old Moroccan architecture. I know I saw a site with more details. I’ll see if I can find it.

Normally I would have only thought of the ‘collection of cultures’ idea. However, I’ve just finished reading a few of the Dune books by Herbert which got me thinking about environment and people. A vast expansion of red sand stretching to the horizon would have quite a impact on the early builders. I imagine the color red would be a big part of any type of martian culture that ever develops IRL. Just my .02.

Your post is tempting me to watch the Bebop movie again. I’ve watched it so much I’ve started memorizing the lines but one more time couldn’t hurt, right? Right?

I found this interview with the director in which he talks a little more about the making of the film. I can’t seem to find that one site I mentioned. Oh well. I think I’m gonna go watch the movie now.

Yoko Kanno is my hero. I got interested in her music via the Cowboy Bebop soundtracks and quickly found myself buying every one available, and then looking into her other stuff. It’s all over the place but I like almost every bit of it; I’m amazed that she can tackle so many different styles and pull off something brilliant with every one.

My copy of Cowboy Bebop Future Blues includes Ask DNA as a second disc, but I noticed that the link given above, from Anime Nation, doesn’t list the same tracks. Maybe there were separate versions; I hope I didn’t end up with a pirated copy. I’ve noticed that a lot of the places that seem to be pretty reputable importers are actually selling black-market discs and I unwittingly bought a bunch of them – they look exactly like the real thing but are priced a lot lower (around $19). I didn’t even know they weren’t legitimate until I found a website warning me to avoid “Ever Anime,” and noticed that there’s an extremely tiny Ever Anime logo on each of the discs I’d bought.

If you can find it, the Napple Tale soundtrack has some really great stuff on it. (I had to go to Tokyo to get my copy, but I’ve seen it available on ebay as well.) There’s not much info on the CD, and I don’t read Japanese, but I believe it’s the soundtrack to a Dreamcast RPG. I also found a CD in Tokyo called 23 No kanji I can’t read; I think it’s the soundtrack to an anime series. There’s some great jazzy stuff on there.

Yoko Kanno is great. She actually makes jazz sound good. I’m not a jazz fan but something about music in Bebop really appeals to me.

I remember warnings about sellers with pirated copies but I didn’t pay much attention to them as I already had all my music. I wonder if it’s possible that anime nation is also one of those black market sellers? Do you have a link to a list of sites to avoid, SolGrundy? If it turns out anime nation is bad then I’m sure I can find a better site for cd imports.

Hmmm, I thought this was going to be about the lack of seatbelt use in movies and TV, and I was getting ready to point out how you always saw Batman and Robin belting up whenever they peeled out of the Batcave.

so, you’re syaing Batman was prepared?

(actually I do have a real reply to this thread, from Cletus post abnove, but not time- must work, must work)

(on that 1920’s style seatbelt ray)

(oh my god, what have I become?)