Seats on America West jets

I’m about to embark on a series of business trips, and by the whims of what airlines fly where, what they charge and our corporate policies, I’ll be flying on America West. A lot. I’m not familiar with them, but by the end of the year, I suspect I’ll be on a first-name basis with the crew, knowing all about their kids and whatnot.

Do they have business class? So far, all I’ve been able to figure out on them is that they have first class and coach. For the first of my trips, the booking system put me in Row 5 on both flights, and both are on Airbus equipment. One’s an A319, and the other’s an A320.

Are these “good” seats, or are they merely closer to the front of the airplane?

God, I hate airbus aircraft. I can’t squeeze by 200lb butt into those things. Give me a good Boeing aircraft any day (and not one of the models they acquired from MD, either).

Row 5 is good on almost any aircraft. I prefer bulkhead seats up front best (1st class or coach, doesn’t matter), unless it is a 727 where I actually prefer rear left exit row (5 feet of legroom, plus the attendant jumpseats are nearby if they’re cute). Anywhere on a 747, L1011, 777, or DC8 is good with me. I try to avoid center seats on 737 and 767 models. I don’t care for how most carriers fly 757s – they are supposedly the same cabin width as most other Beoing models, but the seats are somehow smaller to me. I refuse to fly DC-10 variants, if for no other reason than the AC controls are not accessable to the passengers. And somebody please tell me how a DC-9 variant with a 3-2 cabin doesn’t roll over with a full cabin load!

Go to, the source for airplane seat information.

Your butt will appreciate it.


Thank you Duckster for the link! I wish I knew about that site when I was travelling every couple of weeks. My long legs and huge feet (size 13) are very appreciative! :smiley: is awesome