Seattle area shopping for sarees-- Help!

I want to buy a saree. But since I am a (mostly) average white girl from the midwest, I’m going to need a little help.

I got the basics on how to wrap them, undergarments, etc. from websites, but I’m not comfortable buying one online. I want to see the color and feel the texture before I buy, and I’m going to need to try on the petticoat and choli blouse to make sure I have the right size.

Do any of you Seattle area 'dopers know a good place to buy Indian clothing? I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for this – where do Indian ladies do their shopping for reasonable, everyday/traditional sarees? Thanks!

From what I’ve heard, Vancouver.

Apparently, it’s worth the two-hour drive for the selection and prices.

It’s a sari. Don’t know anything about Seattle, so I can’t help you find one.

Have you looked in the Pike Place market? As I recall, there are a lot of clothing type stores off to the right past the flower folks, as well as downstairs. Also, across the street from the market proper there are a lot of “ethnic” stores where one may buy incense and the like.

You may also want to check along Broadway in Capital Hill.

This link was what I found on line

Oh, I bet that if you go to Folklife (which is coming up this weekend) that you can find something. Hmmmm, mini Dopefest?

ReallyNotAllThatBright-- It is a saree. That’s the Indian spelling. Americans tend to spell it “sari”, and either one is acceptable.

Why do you want to get a saree?

I second Vancouver, BC. If you head to the Main & 40th area, you will find yourself in the Indian district. There are a ton of stores there that will have a huge selection for you to check out.

From what I’ve heard from my SCA friends, the prices are reasonable as well.

Sarees are pretty and sexy!

THere’s an indian shop on the 2nd or 3rd level of Pike’s I forget exatly where.

In Bellevue there’s a shop that sells them in Crossroads mall. Or at least there used to be. It’s on about NE 8th and 156th.

Also in bellevue there’s an indian owned shopping mall that opened up on about 40th and 148th by Fred Meyer. they have a clothing store but i’ve never been inside I would guess they would have them as well.

Psst… “sari” is not just an American spelling. And RNATB is half Indian, IIRC, so he ought to know.

Just sayin’. :slight_smile:

Indeed :wink:

I’ll second this. Folklife always has three or four merchants with booths totally packed with saris and related items.

Also, if you like street fairs and folksy music, it’ll be one of the best times you’ve ever had. Crowded, chaotic, but loads of fun.

So, 'drone are you going to try to organize this mini-fest?

My FIL, who was born and raised in India, sent me a link to saris, spelled that way. But he entitled the link sarees. So seems to me that it can be either way, and there was no need to correct **look@hergo ** since she was completely right.

Sorry for the hijack, look@her go. Good luck finding one. Should you ever come to Chicago, we’ve got a ton of places here.

Just FYI, though, sarees can be rather uncomfortable to wear, because of the constant thought that they are going to fall off. That’s what I feel like when I wear them, anyway. YMMV. :slight_smile:

Perhaps she wants it for a soiree.