Seattle Dopers: Osteria la Spiga

Has anyone eaten at Osteria la Spiga?

What did you think?

I’m sorry, I haven’t.

OT but I just tried Kushibar (near 2nd and Bell) last night with my folks. That was okay. It had a lot of Japanese dishes you don’t see around all that much, but the quality wasn’t too high. I’m hoping to try Okinawa Teriyaki sometime soon and see if they do proper champooloo.

I will never eat anywhere but Chinoise, ever ever again.

I have friends living at 1st and Broad. Might have to try Kushibar since it’s close to the office and close to them. Okinawa Teriyaki would be a bit of a hike. Looks like about a mile from the office (3rd & Blanchard/Kenora) and farther for them.

On topic: The reviews for Osteria la Spiga are weighted toward really, really good and really, really bad. Service takes a lot of hits. Some people love the food, and some people hate it.

I have friends that think it’s just about the best place ever. I’ve always come out out underwhelmed though. Still worth a visit at least. The space is very nice.

Seriously? I haven’t been in a while, but I always considered Chinoise to be a fallback place if we couldn’t agree on anything else.

Well, Shiro’s has always been my main sushi place, but they were closed New Year’s Day. A course, I went with a friend of the chef’s, and he just showed off for our table. But I have never had a better sushi experience. And I have had some GREAT sushi experiences.

Next time you go, take extra money, smile very nice at the chef, and give him carte blanche. It was about $75 per person, but man on man.

I went to Osteria la Spiga a couple of times and was kind of underwhelmed. However, this was a while ago, so I don’t know how it is nowadays.
lissener, I’ve never been to Chinoise. How did your experience compare to the omakase at someplace like Nishino or Mashiko?

Alright, I’l give it a shot. I’ve always leaned toward Nishino for the sushi experience. I’ve only been to Chinoise for the other parts of their menu, for which I prefer various places in the I.D. instead. Or China, for that matter, but I don’t get to go anymore.

The Mexican Consulate?

Never been to Nishino, thought it’s on my list next time I don’t have to pay. Shiro’s is my standard.

I went to Shiro’s and thought is was fine but unexciting. I much prefer Nishino. Mashiko has interesting stuff at better prices than the top-tier places, so you might want to check it out if you haven’t been there yet.

Well, again, if you sit at the bar and give Shiro carte blanche, it’s amazing. I never point at anything, I just say, give me what’s good, or along those lines. I’m sure this won’t work everywhere, but so far it’s been awesome at Shiro’s and Chinoise. (N.B.: “Chinoise”? WTF? That’s *French *for “Chinese.”)

La Spiga is good but not great. There are better Italian restaurants in Seattle: Volterra and Spinasse. Also, Lampreia is Italian-influenced though not strictly Italian, so it belongs on the list. In general, though, my outings at La Spiga have been positive. I know I’ve heard some people complain about the service, but that’s never been my experience.

In that neighborhood, though, I much prefer going to Lark.

That block.

So la Spiga is overrated? I’m supposed to be working, so I’ll look up Volterra and Spinasse later.

I went to a little restaurant in Milan a looooooong time ago. Small portions, but wide variety. I’d like to find an ‘authentic’ Northern Italian restaurant downtown, as well as other Italian regional restaurants. Southern (Mediterranean) French would be good too.

Howdy, neighbor. 1st and Lenora.

I would definitely go to Spinasse then Volterra before I’d hit La Spiga. Also, at 2nd and Bell there’s Tavolata, which is worth checking out.

Live, or work? Maybe we can meet up at Tavolata for lunch sometime.

Get thee up the Hill (Capital Hill that is) to Machiavellis.

I know it is a bit of a jaunt from where you are, but a great place. Simple, good, unpretentious Italian food. 4 1/2 stars on Yelp and CitySearch reviews.

My wife and I used to live a block from there and would eat there all the time. It is one of the places I miss being able to walk to now that we are out in the 'burbs.

Work. I’m in the Cranium offices these days.

And while I like the spirit of the invitation, there will be problems with the execution as Tavolata is not open for lunch.

Tale è vita. I’ll look for it though, as I’ll probably want a bite before going home sometime.

I’m not very familiar with eateries on 2nd. I’ve been to Mama’s, and there’s an Indian place farther north. I walk by a number of places on the way to the Market, but I’ve not eaten at any of them. The Vriginian (I think) has muffuletta sandwiches. I’ll have to try one sometime. Usually if I go out to eat at lunch I’ll end up going to Ohana on 1st (beef teriyaki bento), Two Bells (basic burger) or Bell Thai (beef pa naeng or green curry) on 4th, or someplace at the Market.

Next time you go to Two Bells, instead of the burger, try the sausage hoagie (or whatever they call it).