Seattle: the most literate city

I’m not too surprised that Seattle is seen as the most literate city in the US.
I’m not going to be smug. :smiley:

That’s most literate city with a population of 250,000 or above, according to the link to the 2007 version of the study. (Assuming they didn’t change the parameters.) I suspect that given a larger sample size, Seattle would not be the top city - a smaller college town with a less diverse population (educationally speaking) would be most literate.

I suspect the timing of the study would also be a factor, since there are are several centers of higher education in Seattle, including the University of Washington.
I imagine we become barely literate in the summer.:eek:

Yeah but doesn’t everyone? :smiley:

That doesn’t surprise me. I see people littering here all the time. The tourist slogan should be, “Seattle! Litter It!”

Sure, when it’s raining every single day, people sit at home and read.

I think I’ll contribute by reading something tonight.