Second Amendment Heroes

It is about time that we established something like a Hall of Fame to honor true American heroes of the US Constitution. Just like the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, we need a building to house an ongoing memorial to the men and women who have sacrificed and struggled to make the Constitution a reality in our lives. One room should be set aside for the heroes of the Second Amendment, sometimes called the Right To Bear Arms.

As the initial nominees for such an honor I suggest we induct all thirteen of the people at Ft. Hood, Texas who paid the ultimate price so that the rest of us can have legal and easy access to obtain weapons capable of shooting over forty people in minutes. We could also go back to other such mass shootings such as Columbine High School from 1999 in which 13 people were gunned down dead and include those people who also paid the ultimate price for the rest of our rights to own powerful weapons of death. Of course, we should also include the 32 dead who paid for our freedom at the 2007 Viriginia Tech murders as well. Then there were the Xerox murders in Hawaii in 1999 where seven were slain … bet you forget about that one … see why we need this place? And another recently from the front page but now forgotten would be the eleven who died in Geneva County earlier this very year.

The only thing I would also suggest is that the Second Amendment Heroes Room be a very big one which will grow in time with the many others who will also pay the ultimate price so that the rest of us can buy such weapons. If one has not paid the ultimate price, they are not eligible for inclusion. So the Chuck Hestons and Wayne La Pierres of the world need not apply. Others paid the price for them. They sacrificed nothing.

and to beat you to the punch… yes indeed… this is one truly sick idea. But not half as sick as the reality that is behind it.

So, is there anything you actually wanted to debate or shall I just toss this on the “witnessing” pile?

The plaques for the Ft Hood heroes at the Hall of Fame can use the wording: “Murdered by an Islamic Terrorist Using His 2nd Amendment Rights”.

Way to merge threads! :slight_smile:

“Now we’re fighting them here because we spent too long dicking around to no good purpose over there”?

from Dan Blather

If that is what the facts reveal, that is fine with me. Of course, that plaque would not contain that sort of statement for the Columbine victims, or the Virginia Tech victims, or the Xerox victims, or the Geneva County victims … and on and on and on.

He’s a goddam soldier. Second Amendment or no Second Amendment, you think he would have found it difficult to get a gun?

And don’t you think it’a little early to play politics with this tragedy?

They aren’t going to respond. They are too busy dancing joyfully in the blood of the slain. You must understand that these killings “prove” they were right in so, so many Internet arguments; and that’s really what’s important here.

Fact: it was not his military issued weapon which he used. He used a gun he bought privately.

Playing politics? Heavens no. It would be disgusting and repulsive to play politics while innocent Americans are being slaughtered.

Wouldn’t it???

But the point is that even if he hadn’t bought one privately he would have had access to a gun.

And yeah, I don’t think a few days’ mourning would have hurt before the anti-gun crowd jumped in.

if… If… IF …

like Robert DeNiro said in THE DEERHUNTER

“this is this, this isn’t something else”

The best time to discuss this is when the blood has not yet dried. Or do you think people are now ready to discuss the Geneva County murders now that a respectful time has passed? Of course, that is if they even remember what horror happened in Geneva County

You mean the best time to dance in it is when emotional responses are still fresh and before the facts are completely gathered and examined.

Because, you know, the best legislation is always passed as a quick emotional response to tragedy. If 9/11 didn’t teach us that, then we’ll never learn.

The conservatarians always want a proper mourning period… followed by a proper readjustment period … followed by a lengthy period of return normalcy. By that time nobody even remembers what happened in Geneva County … which was the goal in the first place.

Is that a cha-cha you’re doing?
Admit it. You’re actually happy about these deaths, deep down, because they “prove” you right about gun control. Everything from the OP on has been about “In Yer Face , Gun Nuts!” rather than any attempt at debate or even expression of sorrow.
Such determination to exploit human suffering for political capital would be reprehensible. To use it to score points in a discussion board argument defies description.

Not true, post #5 is a well deserved swipe at Bush’s idiotic fly-paper strategery.

Why are you so against honoring the dead Americans who paid the highest price of their own lives so that others may have their Second Amendment rights?

MOS. You might consider changing up your steps a little bit. Clearly, you’re not interested in debate. Not many from your side seem willing to join you in rejoicing over this tragedy. Not many from my side seem willing to dignify you with a response.

You win the debate, & I don’t mean this thread.

My understanding is that the 2nd Amendment is the right to keep and bear arms, not just firearms, right?

So, the OP’s proposed “Hall Of Fame” would also have to include people killed with knives, swords, daggers, bows and arrows, crossbows, spears, baseball bats, pointy sticks, and so on.

It’s not just about guns, you know.