Second Chances

      • Hypothetical Situation: you and someone you long for are single. You say you are interested, they say they aren’t. Time passes, and one day they show up saying that they are interested (presumably the two of you are still single/healthy/reasonably prosperous, that is, they don’t seem to be considering you as a last resort). What do you think of them? I’m asking 'cause I’m kinda curious if we’ll see any similarities between the sexes here. - MC

Ok, I’ll bite. (But you have to ask nicely).

Seriously, why the heck not go for it? Just because someone doesn’t feel something at point A in their life, that certainly doesn’t mean at point B they will still feel the same. Know what I mean?

I guess it would pretty much depend on whether I felt they gave me a valid reason the first time around (e.g. seeing someone else, about to move to a another city/state/country, etc.) or a (polite) brush-off. Needless to say, I would be much less open-minded in the second case.

It would depend on whether or not Person A (the person who was interested the first time around) was still interested.

I have to go with Missy here, though. Obviously, some time has passed and Person B has come to know/appreciate/understand Person A better. Perhaps Person B just likes to take the “getting-to-know-you” process slow.

I see no reason why they couldn’t go on a couple dates to see how things go.

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If Pride and Prejudice is any indication, Jane Austen votes yes for second chances.

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If the circumstances of my life hadn’t changed much since the person gave me the brush-off, yes, I’d probably date him. If I’d just gotten a makeover or won the lottery, I might have to slap him in the face.

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Depends on the circumstances of the first brush-off. If he was nice about it then I’d give him another chance, if he was a jerk, then I wouldn’t – because I wouldn’t think as well of him as I had before. But if he hasn’t done anything to kill the interest, and if I was in fact still interested, sure I’d give him another chance.


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