Second Hand Smoke

or Madame Pele’s been smoking up a storm!!

Yes, Kilauea volcano’s erupting again, this is the twentieth year of this current phase of eruption. Too bad too many people are logging in to see the webcam, otherwise I’d link you all to see it live. But here’s a current pic fron the observatory:

Pu’u O’o

Living in Hawai’i, all you see in the horizon is a white film of volcanic ash permeating the sky. The sun looks like a lightbulb shining through a shoji[japanese rice paper]screen. Ironically, when the vog[volcanic smog] was very very light, we had clear blue cloudless skies. But as the vog has now shrouded the islands, it’s still very sunny, but the sky is so very white, with blue edges. And until the sun completely sets tonight, the sky will remain fairly well lit from the light reflecting and radiating from the vog and clouds near the horizon.

Nonetheless, it’s a comfortable 79° here and partly cloudy.

:eek: :smiley: :cool:

My husband and I have been one 2 cruises to Hawaii and on both we saw the "string of pearls " at night from the ship. Cool!