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What’s the deal about the second second assistant director whose name we almost invariably see mentioned in the credits. What makes HIM or HER more special?!? Why aren’t there second second assistant gaffers or propmasters??? And don’t even get me started on the DaVinci colorists (Millenium). Sheesh!

The second assistant director does less than the gaffer, must be some sort of apprentice system?

I’d guess they get a credit in lieu of higher pay.

The listing of credits at the end of a TV show or movie is defined by the general contracts with the actors guild, the writers guild, the directors guild, the electricians, the carpenters, etc. As time goes on, more and more people want credit. If the director’s guild decides that the 95th assistant director gets credit and that is all that stands in the way of a contract, do you think the studios and produces are going to risk a long directors strike or put the 95th assistant director in the credits.

This applies to only the technical positions. Such things as transportation and caterers are probably bids and they take less in lue of the advertizing value of having their names in the credits.

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On the other hand, things have got so far out of hand that the end-credits include accountants, assistant accountants, custodial services, etc. They haven’t yet got to listing all the players in the orchestra, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.


I used to like to read the credits, but I can’t sit that long any more.

If you sit through the **Star Wars-The Phantom Menace **credits long enough you’ll find out that the music soundtrack was recorded at EMI-Abbey Road Studios.

Plus you’d find out who the “art finisher”, “still photographer”, “plate still photographer”, “documentary still photographer”, “drapes master”, “unit nurses”, “color timer” (the color timer works with the color consultant to make sure the colors look right) and an obscene number of special effercts people.

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The second second is the talent coordinator (sees that they get to the location/set on time, insures that their soy chips are available, and so on.) The first AD is like the on-set manager. I forget what the second AD does. There are no ADs below second second; anything below that is a production assistant.
I’m sorry so many people think movie credits are a waste of time and effort. Why don’t you make your own damn movies.

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