Second World Countries ?

If industrialized and technologically advanced (and resource hogging) nations like the U.S. and Japan are First World countries, and poor, undeveloped countries whose governments suffern violent overthrows roughly every week are Third World countries, then what’s a Second World country?

Are there exact specifications for a nation’s status in this respect, or are these just vague labels with no real meaning?

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Sorry, dude; I couldn’t resist! In answer to your question, it isn’t 1st world, 2nd world, 3rd world. No, it’s Old World (Europe) , New World (USA), 3rd world (ex-colonial nations who get offended if you call them that).Japan was never a colonial subject, so it’s anybody’s guess where it goes.

Another version goes: Industrialized Nations, Communist States, 3rd World/Broker-than-Hell.

To me , 3rd world means The French. They have all the social problems of a 3rd world society, and none of the moxie or promise of improvement that, say, Brazil offers.

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