Secondhand Pot Smoke Effects?

I’ve read all kinds of BS about potheads forcing the legalities of somethign currently illegal. What I’d like to know is once all those dopers start toking up in public what are the secondhand effects? Will it make other people high? What is the vehicular mortality rate, etc.?

Gee, kind of like alcohol and prohibition, right? Damn, those alcoholics for forcing the legalization of that horrid horrid poison.

The most harmful byproduct of smoking Marijuana is the tar, from which you need to smoke it directly.

If you walk by some-one smoking a joint, you will not get high. You will not get high standing right next to them. You will not get high if they blow the smoke in your face.

The only way you will get high from second-hand marijuana smoke is if you lock yourself in a small enclosed space with no ventilation, also known as “hot boxing” to Marijuana users.

The major problem with cigarette smoke is the large numbers of carcinogens contained it, which, apart from the Tar, marijuana doesn’t possess.

yeah, i think the most it might do is make your eyes burn and MAYBE give you a headache. i used to have to TRY to get a contact in my sister’s car… hehe :slight_smile:

Secondhand pot smoke gives me awful asthma attacks, far worse than tobacco smoke. Of course, the way I found this out was by going for a weekend trip to see the Dead. That was one of the most horrific weekends of my life.

Face it, pot is harmless and shouldn’t be illegal. I’m sure second hand cigarette smoke is far more dangerous. I’d be more concerned about that rather than if “dopers start toking up in public”

See this thread from last year for info on marijuana’s effects on driving.

This interesting study compares marijuana to alcohol:

Now, what’s that about BS, again?

I want to know if “forcing the legalities” has any meaning in a non-BS context.