Secret Apartment Discovered

@pkbites: my grandparent’s house has a window in the shower, too. Just Google “window in the shower” and you’ll see a lot of examples. You’ll also find articles about how to deal with them for privacy reasons.

That said, you would not easily be able to see into the window, as, while it’s a normal window height from the inside, it’s higher up on the outside.

I live near to Coughton-Court which is an imposing Tudor house set in beautiful gardens. It has a lot of Catholic history and was closely associated with the Gunpowder Plot . The ringleader’s parents lived there. They also had a priests hole which is interesting because it has a fake room above it. The idea was that searchers would discover the fake, find it empty and abandon the search

None of those windows were as low as the one I found in my bathroom. It started just above the tub shelf. I wish I had taken a picture of it before resealing the wall. It was truly odd and in an odd location even for someone that would have wanted a window in their tub. It was a large window but hung low.

Beat me to it, Stranger! Not a month goes by that I don’t say “…God’s green earth…,” and think of that scene.

You can buy window film that serves like frosted glass, for cheap, from the usual big box stores.

i can tell you that frosted glass doesn’t work as well as you think.

i lived in a row home that was built before indoor plumbing. they shoehorned a bathroom between the back and middle bedroom in my house. the window in the bathroom looked straight into the bathroom window of the house next to it about 6-8 feet away. we had heavy curtains on the window for when you were bathing (free standing claw foot tub). during a bathroom remodel the window was redone to a smaller higher window, and a plumbing wall about a foot in front of it; problem solved.

there was a small alley way between the line of rows. my row had back bedrooms the row facing us had back bathrooms. normal 2 paned windows. the houses faced kitchen to kitchen and bedroom to bathroom.
the house that faced us had a frosted thing that looked like starbursts on the bathroom window. a blur would “moon” us in the morning as we were making breakfast in the kitchen. it would be a bit startling in the warmer weather when they would raise the window for cooling.

curtains are your best option in these situations.

Did you read the part where the window was discovered behind a wall and I rebuilt the wall during the renovation? Kripes I wish I had taken a pic. You guys are missing the point of how odd that window was. Not only in location in the room but also in relation to how low it was to the bath tub.

My point is that if you have a window in the bathroom and want the light from it but still want privacy, the window film is a cheap solution. My brother replaced a wooden shutter he had over the window in his downstairs bathroom, which overlooked his deck just outside, with that film and I think it looks better.

As mentioned earlier, I spent my first 11 years in a 1960 house which only had one shower – in the basement. Tubs upstairs only.

I saw pictures on Zillow the last time the place sold; it now has showers & tubs upstairs.

Maybe the builder was an exhibitionist. :smiley:

My first apartment in NYC was in a building of tenement style railroad flats with identical buildings on each side.

There was a fire escape outside the kitchen window. We shared this escape with the identical but mirrored apartment in the building next door. (I mean the apartment was a mirror image of ours, not that it was decorated with mirrors).

One winter our refrigerator broke. While we were waiting for resolution (which wasn’t a quick process because I was living in a tenement), we began storing our food on the fire escape.

One night I was in the kitchen and I heard a knock on the kitchen window. A woman I had never met was standing on the fire escape. I opened the window and invited her in. She introduced herself as the resident of the adjacent apartment in the building next door and she was concerned about our food storage because she liked to let her cat out on the fire escape.

So she offered to share her refrigerator with us. So, for the next couple of months I went out through the window and into her apartment whenever I needed the fridge. We actually became friends, which was a good thing since I was crawling through her kitchen window several times a day.

When I first read the story about the “secret apartment”, I thought about this set-up and just figured this lady had found a way into the building next door.

That’s a great story. I’ve seen a lot of mirrored fire escapes like that around Hell’s Kitchen, but I never lived there.

My own fire escape story involves a co-op building in Astoria that a friend of mine lived in. There was a guy on the 5th floor who found out that the apartment directly below his was for sale, so he bought it for his daughter and her new husband. When the old guy died, the daughter inherited the upper apartment. That building did not allow combining units, so they converted the upper to a hang-out space and their little kids would run up and down the fire escape stairs all day like mad. When the kids went off to college she finally sold the upper unit for an amount that I’m sure would easily cover all three of their educations.

Interesting. I’d love to see pics, or at least know what city and country it’s in.

Damn. I’d have loved to live in a house like that. Hell, I still would, even though me and stairs aren’t really friends anymore.

It’s in a suburb of Portland, OR, built in the early 1980s. Driving through the neighborhood, all built by the same architect / construction company, you’d never notice it being out of the ordinary.

I might be able to dig up the pics i took when I visited. It hasn’t been on the market since my parents sold it 30 years ago, so a virtual tour isn’t on Zillow or anything.

turns out kenneth branagh is cast at the moment. there is work being done to make the book into a 6-8 part television series. the author is involved in the screen play.

I can see him in the part. He can play anything. I’ll keep my eye out for it. Thanks.