Secret Government Project?

Oh yeah, as Soup_du_jour mentioned, be careful at work/school with linkdump.


<i>BinHex</i>, FWIW is/was the basic encoding used to send Macintosh files over the Internet (and BBSs, e-mail…).

Oooh, pigeons!

The first picture appears to be a partial of the second picture. The first is near the exhaust port of a jet engine. It appears like a boom over part of the engine. The second picture is the jet engine itself. The lower left has an angled nacelle. The rest appears, as stated here, like a biology drawing of cell mitosis. The link goes to a map but I stopped there and did not investigate it.

Don’t websites have to be registered and payed for on a yearly basis? Therefore this site should be traceable if it really contained anything illegal. I think it is just one or more people goofing around.

Looks like an art project to me. It involves the same “let the viewer create her own logic” and “create a sense of exploration through open-ended non-narrative” that we were told to do in our digital art classes.

is anyone else scared?