Secret Government Project?

I can’t even begin to explain this. Please look at this and form your own theories.

I can only tell you that you may be brain washed or killed by people in black helicopters or perhaps just taken away by nice young men in clean white coats.


that is one of the most bizarre sites I have ever seen.

It makes absolutely no sense at all.

<cue twilight zone music>

how did you come across it?

link dump

find some strange stuff on those kinds of sites… even find links to the straight dope every now and then.

This could give the TimeCube guy a run for his money.

It has nothing to do with the Canadian plan. Gorsnak knew this. No&^^%.


This could give the TimeCube guy a run for his money.

…So I keep hearing that this could give the TimeCube guy a run for his money.

can any one print it out?

::waves paper at screen:: I can print the initial page. I didn’t try any of the other stuff. I don’t think there is a furtive NO PRINTING fairy protecting it if that is what you are trying to tell us.
Were you unable too?

View the source code on the home page.

I don’t get it? What’s so weird? Can you guys not read it? Heh, do a quick google for yummd elbillug, that should give you an idea on how to translate it into something understandable.

That’s SCARY!!!

Either it’s a rogue link to something we can’t understand or someone has WAY too much time on their hands…

I give <i>them</i> 10 points for style, but negative several thousand for good thinking. How are we ever to understand their plan if they don’t give us a key for all those parts? I built a desk with a diagram like this once: took all night. I imagine a bomb taking even more time if the parts aren’t properly labeled.
Here is my new theory regarding the diagram found in the source code:
The first picture thingy loks like a stadium to me. The second thing is very clearly a bombish item. The third picture looks like the genetics diagrams from biology. I figure they blow up this biological bomb in the final game of the world series: killing some, infecting others. The infected spread the disease to others they encounter. This brings me to the last two pictures (the ones side by side). I don’t know what the one on the left could be. But the one on the right could represent the city to city infection.
Any thoughts?

On longer viewing of the source code… can you say fat man or little boy?

The Link Dump website contains links to sites that are very not work-safe. Just be warned.

The original strange link seems to be okay, if a tad strange.

THe weirdest thing to me is that is you can click the gibberish on the main page (which has the interesting bomb and stadium source code), and that links to another cryptic page, with obvious map references.

All these links here go to even more bizarre pages, the strangest of which is the ‘betalab’ link - the lines there go to pages and pages of numbered links that seem to continue ad infinitum.

Some people have too much time on their hands.

Suddenly…it’s all so clear to me.

(Must patch hole in tinfoil beret)

Actually, I think the best page is the one with all of the radio buttons placed randomly, and each time one is clicked, it brings up a different picture of a pigeon.


Where did you find this, HeartOfGold?

BellaDellaItalia see the third post.

I agree with Soup_du_jour, I had a strange amount of fun with the pigeons.