secret passage under white house?

My stepdaughter just married a Marine. We’ve only met him a couple times but spent the most time yet w/him at Thanksgiving. OMG…he has all these conspirisy theories!! I’ve heard many of them before but this one takes the cake:

Says he has a Marine buddy that told him there is a secret passage under the White House connecting to tunnels under DC (I HAVE heard about that…the tunnels under DC) but the crazy part is he said there is a special guard shack at the White House that is guarded by only Marines and people who go there will go past the guard and across the lawn, then “poof” disappear while walking across the lawn!! Then later the people just show back up behind them. Says of all duty the Marines can pull, this is the one they hate the most.

SO MY QUESTION IS: has anyone heard of a passage way guarded by Marines that can APPEAR that the people going there just disappear? I hate to say it but I think he’s nuts!

Other strongly felt believes of this new son in law: JFK: the secret service scattered away from Kennedy’s limo and Jackie moved over, THEN he was shot. THEN the SS came back up.

9-11: He believes the 2 towers were hit by planes and it WAS terrorism, but that the Pentagon was a set up by government & was a missile. (right…within 1/2 hour of a real terrorist attack, we were ready to go with a missile to hit the Pentagon ourselves so we could add it in to the terrorist act. NO ONE is DC has ever been that smart!!)

Reinforces my beliefs as to what type of people get into the Marines.

There was a fairly nice secret passage under the white house in The President’s Analyst.

Is this maybe a distorted description of the Capitol Subway?

The one in Dave was pretty decent as well.

A good friend of mine has a cousin who works for the Secret Service at the White House. Reportedly, he loved working for the two Bushes, but hated working for Clinton. I suspect this is because he is very politically conservative, but probably has something to do with Clinton’s habit of sleeping very little and staying up very late.

There is a bowling alley under the White House.

My second cousin’s sister has a boyfriend who would kill me if I told anyone. I’m pretty sure he is a real Marine because he has a camo jacket and everything.

He swears it’s all true. It’s those lizard people that built it, the Draconians. There was this really nice lady with big tits on here a week or so ago telling us all about it.

Hopefully President Obama will find some time to work on his game before 2012.

The tunnels make perfect sense. Why would they not have deep tunnels there for safety? Saddam had them under his palace I believe. The Mexicans do it under the border.

The people disappearing and the JFK stuff are a figment of someone’s imagination. There is hope though. When your new son-in-law gets out of the military, chances are his views will mellow with a civilian job and associates to pound sense into him.

PS. Tell him you need his help to build a bomb shelter under your house. While waiting to use it you can store wine there.

Tunnel under the White House - maybe [might be for emergency evacuations or some less interesting purpose] - People disappearing/reappearing not so likely.

JFK - He has seen the FILM of the incident. The film refutes the claim pretty decisively. This was way before any schmuck with a computer could do video/film editing.

Pentagon Missile - What evidence does he have that should be shared with national/international media and 9/11 investigators?
9/11 - Pentagon hit - Where are the plane parts?

Photos by Jason Ingersoll - used by hoaxers who pretend the “hole is too small”
some photos have the full impact obscured by firefighting foam

the imprint of the plane is obscured in this photo by smoke and firefighting foam - the wing damage is not visible in this photo

shows the damage caused by the wing to the right of the central “hole” - note the broken support columns in center of the photo, just to the right of the main hole, and which direction the force against them was coming from (hint: this photo refutes the missile claim)

firefighting foam obscures the ground level damage from the wings in this photo, **which is why it has been popular with some of those promoting the “no ****plane” claim]

Eyewitnesses among students, travelers on the highway, and customers at a gas station across the highway.

I suspect his choice of internet site includes the freepers, Drudge, Fox Nation, etc…

Don’t know about the White House, but these type of secret bunkers do exist in other places.

From a 9/11 documentary: When Air Force One landed at Offutt AFB, GWB & his staff were escorted to a nondescript shack in the middle of an open field, which led to an underground command bunker. It was pretty funny watching 40 men and women in three-piece suits disappear into a tiny building no larger than a glorified outhouse – kinda like a bunch of clowns getting into a Volkswagen.

These are just crazy talk.

I, for one, would be extremely surprised if there weren’t a large complex of tunnels and alternate command rooms under the White House, Capitol, Supreme Court and Blair House with escape routes far enough away to ensure a continuity of administration even in the case of simultaneous attacks on various points in DC. Why wouldn’t there be? We were in a state of Cold War for decades, and during that time the finest minds in the government (please don’t snicker) were hard at work figuring out how to counter any reasonable threat.

The other silliness is, however, just silliness.

Remember, they don’t call them jarheads just because of the shape.

There is indeed an underground tunnel from the Treasury Building, just east of the White House, to the White House itself. President Kennedy’s EXCOMM advisors used it to enter and leave the White House undetected by the press during the Cuban Missile Crisis in Oct. 1962.

Everything else that newlywed Marine says is B.S., as far as I know.

FDR’s son, Elliott Roosevelt, lent his name to series of mysteries starring his mother, Eleanor, most of them set inside the White House, which was apparently as dangerous a place to be in during the 1930s as Cabot’s Cove, Maine, was during the 1980s.

The books weren’t great but achieved some popularity mainly through the extensive research into the period, and the atmosphere of, daily life in, and trivia about the White House that Elliott himself could presumably supply.

In at least one of the books, the plot revolves around what is apparently the same tunnel that Elendil’s Heir mentions.

Google Books page with that reference.

I’ve read elsewhere that the very real tunnel has been thoroughly plugged up at some point since. I don’t believe the story the OP tells for a second. However, security during the 1930s, according to Roosevelt’s books, was incredibly lax by modern standards, and that I don’t doubt at all.

Wouldn’t that be your second cousin too?

I don’t know about tunnels, but there is most certainly a bunker under the White House. It isn’t even really secret. The very first lines of a newspaper article from January 2002:

["Shortly after 9:30 p.m., President Bush brought together his most senior national security advisers in a bunker beneath the White House grounds. It was just 13 hours after the deadliest attack on the U.S. homeland in the country’s history.

Bush and his advisers sat around a long table in the conference room of the Presidential Emergency Operations Center, or PEOC. Spare and cramped, the bunker was built to withstand a nuclear attack, with sleeping berths and enough food for a few people to survive for several days."](
If I had to guess, I’d guess the Marine is talking about this.

Not to mention it features in the West Wing so it must be true;)