Secret Santa Slacker! White Elephant Wimp! Who's with me?

Okay. Last year I was supposed to send a White Elephant package to Rue DeDay. I did not. I did not because I thought everything I packed up was lame…but then I was going to send it anyhow…but then it seemed like it was too late…but then it was WAAAAY too late…and then I just didn’t do it because I figured “Wow, it’s been, like, months. He definitely won’t want a box of my cast-off crap THIS long after the fact.” And so on.

I still have the box of crap. I’m willing to add to it. I just need Rue to re-send me his address so I can be a Good Girl and maybe - just maybe - get back into the good graces of the Gods of Package Exchange.


digs toe in the dirt

I also never sent CasperQ her Secret Santa present.

I bought stuff! Little, silly stuff…but stuff. I was going to mail it…but then time got away from me…and then I formatted my system and forgot to archive my email so I didn’t have her address any more…and then it was, like, the end of January so I felt like I had waited TOO long…and…and…

I still have the stuff. And if CasperQ sees this and sends me her addy again, I will send it so I can be a Good Girl and maybe - just maybe - get back into the good graces of the Gods of Package Exchange.

Anyone else? Any package hoarders, “it’s WAAAAY too late now!”-ers? Anyone else who MEANT to, but time just got away and you’d like another chance to send out your stuff?

Hey, I recieved a wedding present three years late. It’s a proud tradition, it spreads out the fun, hold your head high, honey.

I’ve been meaning to send jarbaby a book for a few weeks not. And something to Brynda, too.

Sadly, moi and I are Wimps. We participated successfully in the first round of WE, but moved duiring the second round and never got our packages out. We’d love to come clean and hoo-boy, we just cleaned the garage. So if Rue will re-send those addresses, they’ll be some lucky Dopers getting boxes of crap in the mail.

Don’t worry about it Hammy. It’s OK that I was forgotten on my own Exchange. It’s not like I put any effort into keeping it going even after we got hacked and the Boards were down. No, it’s fine.

But if you REALLY need to send me something just send it to my summer pace:

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Make sure to address it to Rue DeDay. I’m sure everyone involved would get a chuckle out of that given the state everyone’s in right now.

Sorry t_d_cat after having the list just sitting around for a year, I finally deleted it. Just yesterday. I figured no one has asked about it in so long that there was no use keeping it. So yesterday, buh-bye!

OK, it’s been a couple of months, but the point is, you’re off the hook. Unless someone e-mails me to say “I didn’t get my Elephant and I’m really sad about it!” and they give me their address so I can pass it along to you.

I would’ve never seen this without the benefit of vanity search (does that make me vain??).

As Rue said, you’re off the hook. I’m too busy trying to figure out how to contain my just-operated-on-with-surgical-halo-included Australian Shepherd puppy to even open a package right now…

[sub] and I didn’t even report ya to the Gods of Package Exchange. But now I have your name… MMMMUUUhahahahaha[/sub]


Checking in here with the benefit of a decent excuse. I was off the boards for a solid year. I have yet to open Gravity’s promptly sent White Elephant gift to myself as well. This is because I refuse to do so until I send Hammy her White Elephant gift. I am proud to say that it is a wonderful near-antique in rather excellent shape while being utterly and almost profoundly useless.

I did not send my Secret Santa gift. My car broke down right near Christmas, and being preggers it was just too tough to get around.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it :smiley:

Sorry, Alice-In-Wonderland

Well, Hammy, your check’s … er, package is in the mail. You should have it in three days. I’ll take the opportunity to open Gravity’s White Elephant package now…

Hokie smokes, Bullwinkle!

What a collection of crap!

Actually, there is a cool “Out of Vermont Kitchens” cookbook for my ever-increasing collection. And what else?


A talking weird-@ss purple monster.

Lots of now-melted candy canes.

A now-useless 2002 Vermont calendar.

Some tootsie pops, including one held in the mouth of a small rubber chicken. You realize that the rubber chicken will hang in my kitchen forever, no?

A small bar of lavender soap, yuck!

A bottle of hair gel, another major yuck!

A box of lemon jello, yet another yuck!

A tacky little Chinese folding paper latern.

A tackier little plastic antiqued oval framed clock whose weirdness I am unable to devine.

An incredibly ugly ceramic frog-shaped adhesive tape dispenser.

A silly flame-head sticker.

An even sillier Taz-as-Santa pin.

A tiny bottle of white glue.

Some exceptionally wacky little cat’s feet chair foot covers.

And an extremely thoughtful CD music compilation.

Thanks Gravity, I needed a good laugh today and you amply provided one.