Secret society announcement

All of these posts are Fake News. My secret society is the secretist and also the bestist. You won’t read about IT in the New York Fake Times!

My secret society prefers to be addressed as an Evil Organization. Looks better on credit applications.

My secret society is so secret that it’s out in the open. :slight_smile:

The response to my membership drive has been awesome. I’m not going to say who joined, but I’m not going to not NOT say who didn’t DIDN’T not join… like, Phoebe Pelosi, Bruce Schumer, Rick Durbin, LTG Mitchell Flynn, Saul Ryan, and Eric Trump.

Eric really did join. He insisted on me saying that.

That makes collecting dues a bit problematic, legally, doesn’t it?

I’m not a secret society member, but I play one on tv.
Pssst, they use an orbital collection platform, but you didn’t hear that from me, it’s a secret.

I used to be a member of a secret society that met in the line near the lavatory on airliners. But the feds are on to us, and we can’t meet there anymore. The flight attendant announced “Due to security regulations, Customers may not congregate in any area of the aircraft cabin, especially around the lavatories. Thank you.” This applies to international flights bound for the USA.


(Is this really a warning…?)

Well, the problem was that y’all wore those identical t-shirts that said, “FBI Agent Bob’s Secret Society.” Now you’ve ruined it for the rest of us who need to pee on long flights.

They probably didn’t even know that they paid.

I’m looking for a secret society to join -does anyone have any listings on the darkweb that I can peruse?

I think you and I belong to the same society.

I only pretend to be a middle aged IT guy from Minnesota.

In reality, I’ve Governor of <name deleted>, an Illuminati pleasure colony and child slave mining operation on Mars.

So I guess you could say that I’m kind of a big deal. :cool: