Secretions Magnifiques

Or in English, Splendid Secretions.

It appears that women are snapping up bottles of an exclusive new perfume on sale at Harvey Nichols (a posh English store)

These ladies are paying £76 for this stuff described as “A subversive, disturbing perfume”

Having dabbed a bit behind their ears, or wherever :stuck_out_tongue: , it leaves them smelling of…blood,sweat, saliva and sperm :eek:

Save your money girls, make your way to my house and I’ll give as much sweat, saliva and sperm as you want, you’ll have to provide your own blood altho’ I can be relied upon for a few drops

Eau de chowder. Could be a market in that. :wink:

But ewwww to the perfume. Yuck! Oh well, something else to make me sneeze on the bus going to work, I suppose. Or retch.

I’m not going to provide a link, but there is also a perfume (been around a few years) named Vulva. And it supposedly smells like ladies front bottoms.

Blood,sweat, saliva and sperm are so last week. Fashionable young things prefer cheese based cosmetics these days :dubious: