Secrets for roasting coconut

Looking for tips on coconut roasting. I am even considering deep frying. I find the closer I get to perfect roasting the better my coconut cream pies taste. Sometimes I use my walk and just stir it constantly. It really bugs me when the toasting is uneven and I can’t seem to get it as even as I like.

Never tried coconut, but you can roast coffee beans with a hot-air popcorn popper.

I think I will look into that, I like roasting nuts also. Nothing can make or break a recipe like the quality of the roasted ingredients. Well I shouldn’t say nothing but it is very important.

Google around, you need a particular model of popper. And for coconut, consider the fact that if it gets stuck there’s a fire hazard.
But I scored the right popper (for coffee) at a thrift store for $4.