Security flaws in home routers.

Well this sucks sweaty monkey balls. Crap. It would have to be Linksys and Asus. Linksys is one of the more popular home routers.

Now I have to see if mine is on the list and what can be done about it.

There have been quite a few stories about this over at Slashdot. One recent example.

The number and durability of these holes is amazing. Most were deliberately put in as a feature!

To all Dopers:

Get the latest firmware.
Disable Universal Plug and Play on the router.
Change default passwords.
Keep checking for updates.

If you really want to get serious, then see if your router supports an open source firmware.

Since I rely on my router as my first line of defense against malware, having such shocking backdoors around is scary.

Some great advice. Thanks.

I plan to upgrade my routers firmware this weekend.

That’s some serious hacking if they’ve figured out how to get cash out of peoples’ computers.